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Show Friday

We are ready to hit fresno again, this time for the first time at Audies Olympics, its always fun to meet and watch bands weve never played with before like, 9th Level, Ruthless, and on the wire. And its always a fun and brutal time with our friends Hymn of Rlyeh. Lookin forward to a metal weekend and rearing up fresno, with the release of Seeds of Flesh we are amped for this one..Keep it brutal aborted.


Finally the final mix of Seeds of Flesh is up and ready to kick and everyone of your asses \m/ It was an awesome experience recording this song and we hope to start work on some more songs for you all as soon as possible, live shows are already in the works so keep an eye and ear put...and as always keep it brutal to all of the aborted...

Thank You

To all of you who have joined us on reverb nation, played our song, and passed it along. We thank you for helping push us farther along and inspire us to keep going full force. Keep it up and help us spread the disease keep it brutal to all of the aborted \m/

Seeds of Flesh

We are proud to promote a rough version of the first song we wrote, Seeds of Flesh. It took us 6 hours at Phlipside studio in Dinuba CA, Bang your heads and enjoy and keep your eyes open for the final mix. Keep it Brutal to all of the Aborted \m/