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New Year

So Christmas came and went and I was able to squeeze in that little Christmas carol (Take me back to Christmas), before putting up the last Folk song that I'm going to be doing for a while. "The Promise (Carry me here)". for the new year include recording a JAZZ EP, that will feature various artists such as Calliopi McDowell (because her voice was born for Jazz) and my teacher and mentor Mr. Shen Winberg. (see his Facebook link here: http://www.facebook.com/Shenfm)

Calli and I will also be taking part as leads in the 1920's gangster musical; "Bugsy Malone", which will be staged from May 8th - 12th 2012 - So if you'll be in Woking get some tickets to that.

So here's to a good year!

And all that Jazz

Going to be recording a nice little folk number with the ever so talented, Ms. Calliopi McDowell, and will hopefully be able to get that up on Reverb Nation within the next month or so. Then I will be setting my sights on doing a Jazz EP, titled; "That 'Old Timer' Music". Should be fun!

New Directions

At the moment working a lot with Calliopi McDowell. New song collaborations are sure to come, with maybe something more permanent to follow...

Tell me a story

Out of the 3 songs that I've been working on, I've posted "Happy Ending", I've become a bit bored with "Shooting at the Stars" and have shelved it a bit for the moment, but I am very keen to get "Tell me a Story" to you as soon as possible! I have decided to get the main vocals and drums done at a professional studio, and now they're just being mixed so keep an eye and ear on my page for when "Tell me a Story" is released!

Thanx :)

3 New songs

I have 3 new songs in the pipeline to be recorded over the next few weeks. They will be more "produced" than the ones I have at the moment. More instruments, and I will possibly be getting in session musicians in to record drums and back up vocals. As soon as they are finished I will be posting them up, but I will keep my status updated on how things are going...

Busking in the UK.

I am visiting my girlfriend in the UK so thought I'd try my hand at busking... It's been an eventful couple of cold weeks with some days losing all feeling in my hands by the first song, and some days playing in a T-shirt. I've had compliments, scowls, people singing along, as well as people pulling me aside for 30min conversations, and lets not forget people asking if I 'wanna make real money' by selling drugs for them.

I think they could have just tipped me instead.