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First Steps

Hi,... whoever might read this... I just thought I'd quick try to give some account of myself. The bio's pretty much got it covered, but hey, I figure a well-rounded profile couldn't hurt, right.?. So, here goes...

I'm currently sitting in my studio apartment. It's probably around 90 degrees and humid-as-usual here in a Michigan summer. My iTunes shuffle just brought up Aretha Franklin belting out the Beatles tune, "Eleanor Rigby." And I'm very hungry.

Literally speaking, my stomach is growling, and I'm a little light-headed. I do have some food a couple steps away in my "kitchen" (/dining room/studio control room/... other side of the one room I have), but I've kinda' gotten in the habit of not eating till I ABSOLUTELY have to. I'm out of work again, spending a lot of time sitting around my apartment, surfing the web, feeling sorry for myself, the usual. But a few months ago was tax season, I still had a job, and I got a decent refund from Uncle Sam, so I decided it was about time to get some recording gear. I did, and shortly thereafter, I was laid off from work. So, w/ plenty of time on my hands, I eventually held my breath and dove into the world of recording. I'd had a MySpace for a while, but now it was finally populated w/ music. I started a Facebook page for my music, and here I am now on Reverbnation. Has it accomplished anything yet? Not that I can see. Am I discouraged? Quite. Am I still hungry? Very.

But I'm hoping to stay hungry. Yeah, I'm hoping food gets easier to come by, but... HUNGRY. I want to stay hungry. I don't know where this will go - a lot of me doubts it will go anywhere. But supposing I someday can scratch out a living making music, supposing I'm able to feed myself off of my produce, so to speak, I need to remember to stay hungry. In the Bible, Paul talks about being content in all circumstances. I'm hoping for that too, but I don't think contentment and satisfaction are necessarily the same thing. I don't EVER want to be SATISFIED. And I don't ever want to forget this feeling - this urge to make my situation better, this ache to pursue something more fulfilling. Hopefully, along the way, I'll have those brief moments, those little gifts of manna to remind me that I can and should keep going, and hopefully I'll be able to point others to the same thing.

So, here are the first steps. Record a demo here, post to a social network (or four) there, and ideally get a band and get gigging. But for now, a new internet profile, a new song on shuffle (Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone"), and a few literal steps over to go eat some literal sustenance.

And I guess we'll see what happens after that...