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Press Release - Real $hit

Nathan Green is an Austin-based DJ, producer, and vocalist. He has performed around Austin and beyond, and writes his own music under the name Cabrini Green. His latest release, entitled “Real $hit” is a collaboration with Altadena-based artist HB3. The two met over the internet and performed together at The Gallery At the End of the World in the waning days of 2010. This performance led to the inception of the idea to record a collaborative EP and “Real $hit is the result of these sessions. Mr. Green handled all lyrical and vocal duties, and composed all tracks with an Akai MPC1000 sampler and a MicroKorg keyboard. HB3 played alembic bass on all tracks and piccolo bass on “Pac-Man Fever.”

Pac-Man Fever: Buckner & Garcia may have been ahead of their time when they identified the little yellow man as a metaphor for the rampant consumerism of the 1980’s. With a tip of the hat to these pioneers, we take you on a musical journey through the past five decades with a special emphasis on the most angular generation of them all--the era of Patrick Bateman and Tony Montana.

March of the Machines: As modern life becomes increasingly mechanized it only makes sense that our music follows suite. But what happens when the machines unite to build the perfect beat that leads us off Pied-Piper like into the depths of the cosmic circuit board? There are those who seek out every new gizmo that hits the market and salivate awaiting the next transitory trend, while others lurk like luddites huddled around the dying embers of yesterday’s flame. The message here applies to both groups: learn to embrace the change while maintaining a grasp on your humanity.

Secret Energy: What gives man the energy to get through the day? What strange fuel ignites the eternal flame that burns within? There are many different ways to light that fire, but music remains the most effective tinder. Beats and bass propel the listener to a bridge which proves that keyboards can rock just as hard as guitars.

What’s This Love: A simple question, perhaps, but one whose answer has proved elusive to all from the bards of lore to the interchangeable faces of the modern pop music machine. All semantics aside, the subject has undoubtedly served as the blueprint for many of humanity’s greatest achievement, from the Taj Mahal to the hippies. Bear witness as the cherubic young Cupid descends into a magical land of booming bass and swirling synths.

White Rhino: The proverbial 500-pound rhinoceros in the China store. What is the white rhino exactly? Different cultures have different explanations of this pigmentary anomaly that slices through metaphors like a Bowie knife through hot butter. We don’t even know exactly where this beast originates but we think you’ll agree that if you grab the rhino by the horn and hold on tight you’re in for one hell of a ride! Note: We believe this is the track that is most suitable for radio airplay.