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Free mixing and mastering

I'm building up my portfolio as an audio engineer. I'm a well established artist but some people might not know I started off first as a producer/audio engineer. Send me your high quality waves and I will mix and master them for free. You can email me at mrjohnson3451@gmail.com or message me on fb at www.facebook.com/realtalkceo

Soldier for Christ

My life been forever changed, even though my ears are flooded with the callings of wickedness, I still hear his name. Calling out to me.. To serve him entirely... Wholeheartedly I stepped out on faith, to receive my destiny. Why me? That's what I asked myself. Then he replied, cause your humble and able to see pass yourself. I want you to see the HIM in me... But not the vessel he's using, that you're able to physically see. He gives me love, peace and unspeakable joy. Something out of this world, not a materialistic toy. In his name, give your life to him or you're like a tree that's leafless. In whose name you may ask? In the name of Christ Jesus.