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The Fight of Fights

Hello Friends! How is everyone? Awesome, I hope! "The Fight of Fights" is the title of our very first record. Our first recording session was in October, 2009 at AMH Studios. So it took us about a year and a half to record it. We actually shut down everything we were doing. We stopped playing shows for a bit and started focusing on what the record would sound like. All in all, we had about 20 something songs to choose from. At one point we thought about splitting the record in two and releasing 2 EPs. The hardest thing about making this record was the fact that we kept writing. Even after we had the final 12 songs selected, we would come up with a brand new song every week or so. The recording process could have kept going for forever. I had to step away from guitar for a bit just so we could focus on the 12 we picked. Needless to say, We have a pretty good jump on the next record. :) We are pretty damn proud of this record. It was produced by Aaron Harvey and us. We're also very proud of the fact that we funded this whole thing on our own. We didn't ask anyone for money or have any kind of fundraiser. The 3 of us work full time jobs to support this band. So please, take a listen to these songs and let us know what you think. We can wait to start this journey with you. Thanks for listening!

- David