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Craig"s Gallery -photos from Labour in Vain

here"s some action snaps from our last gig at the Labour in Vain taken by the prolific Craig Lee "Lagerphone" Smith, https://picasaweb.google.com/115586555724307810696/DannyWalshAtTheLabourInVain2411# his gallery is a fantasic documentary of the lively local music scene over the years... He"s also a country folk musician - was known to guest on Lagerphone during our Litchfield Hallstars gigs. Check out my link to his music page. cheers!

Review of 'Rocks n Gravel'

by Koraly Dimitriadis (http://koralydimitriadis.com/)

Rocks n’ Gravel is a lively blues album with a whole lot of laugh-out-loud sarcasm. From political to hopeful, storyteller to love-maker and heartbreaker, Walsh’s multi-coloured facades have you feeling joyous and confused, confronted and uplifted, all that the same time. He has you laughing about things we really shouldn’t be laughing about. From light to shadow, tender to disturbed, the juxtaposition he creates lyrically and instrumentally is a testament to his talents and exemplifies the human condition. This is a well-thought-out album with purpose and heart.

podcast - Danny Walsh Banned Live to Air on PBS Acid Country 28/07/11

at the following link, http://www.pbsfm.org.au/node/9651 3 songs from 94min mark... 1. Page 29 2. Pat Malone 3. Things We Dare Not Tell (Henry Lawson) http://www.pbsfm.org.au/node/9651