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New Web Sites

Hello to you... Wherever you are..

I have been quiet lately, only because that I have busy writing and recording new material, probably like all of you, and probably with a live show thrown in there somewhere. All up, I have 3 distributions in credit on Reverbnation and I do want to use them in the next year, with new material.

Nevertheless, here is an update you with what I am doing.

I have been working on a new web page... and its almost done, the only thing left is the sales page(s), but it is in a position to be shown off and it does look good. Its straight and direct to the point.

Here is it here....


You might also have a look at the site that I have built using the Reverbnation Site Builder Tool.. I hope to be using this for sales and some quick promotion.. Noting that I am not affiliated with Reverbnation, but there are a lot of useful tools that you can use. It took me a day to go through things.

Here it is here.. I call it my alternative site


I do hope you check things out..

Yours in music and I will see down Channel 64...

Theo Starr aka The Technician

Uluru By Helicopter

Went to this amazing place in Central Australia called Uluru. We went for my birthday.

We took a Helicopter Ride over the Rock.

Just posted the Video of that Ride. The Video has a Soundtrack consisting of 2 compositions. "50 times around the Sun"and "Breathe"

Look, Listen and Enjoy..

https://youtu.be/W8EFESNGkSI https://youtu.be/CcTz375Y8fc


Holy Water

Holy Water... Was written about a converstion and the friend who I was having the conversion with. The subject matter is about the negativity that can ensue and encompass you, no matter how positive you are... The chorus moves into the four elements air, water, earth and fire that we all seem to go when we need to ground ourselves... Listen and Enjoy!!!!

50 Times Around The Sun

50 Times Around The Sun.. Is A Composition that I have Uploaded as my first upload on ReverbNation.

Its a Song of Celebration, celebrating 50 Years.

Its a Song Of Reflection and Contemplation.

Its a Song of Optimism and looking forward to the future.

In essence what is your age... Its a Number and in this song it attempts to put things in perspective by saying to the listener... 50 years old... 50 Times around the Sun




This is my First Blog and more to say Hello

I am Predominately a Writer first, a Musician second, a Producer third and an Artist fourth. But that all changes when it is convenient.

For ReverbNation, I am am Artist First and a Writer Second.

Looking forward to some opportunity that may come my way