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May Show

Just booked a solo show for Saturday May 26th at Monkey Nest Coffee 9pm. Yay!


I'm gearing up for two shows this week. I'm playing Friday and Saturday at Betsy's bar from noon-1:30. I'm looking forward to playing and checking out lots of great bands too.

Show in Feb

Just booked a show for Friday Feb. 3rd at Thrice Cafe in south Austin. Come check it out!

Show tonight

I'm happy to be playing my second show at Tiniest Bar in Texas tonight at 8!

bi weekly gig

I'm starting a bi weekly gig at Tiniest Bar in Texas. The first show is Saturday October 8th at 8pm. FREE

New Artist

I'm brand new to Reverbnation. Just trying to figure out how this thing works! I'm always looking for new bands to play with. So if you're an Austin based musician looking for people to network with, hit me up.