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Preview a new tune from the upcoming new "Painkiller" album!

NEW ALBUM PREVIEW!! Our new album "Painkiller" will be released in about two weeks. Check out a new tune from the album on Reverbnation. It's called "Beautifulike (EDM)" and it's the electro-pop version of our original pop rock creation. And it's a complete re-invention. You can listen to both versions on Reverbnation here: http://www.reverbnation.com/omnesia What does "mikewhitepresents" say about this tune in his review?

"...the gorgeous “Beautifulike” where producer M2 perfectly balances layers of voice and shimmering synth arpeggios to create a crystal shard of elegance that really helps to put all of the listener’s focus on the excellent lyrical work."

Help Monster Cable workers fight a real Monster

Are you a musician who cares about the community? Want to stand up for workers rights? Join us in fighting a Real Monster!! The Chinese Progressive Association calls all musicians with social consciousness to join us in supporting the laid-off workers of Monster Cable. Monster Cable, as you may know, is a Bay Area company producing high-end audio cables and other AV accessories which are popular with musicians.

Last October, Monster Cable laid off over 120 Asian andLatino immigrant workers from their Brisbane, CA factory.Their jobs were outsourced to low-wage workers overseas to increase company profits.

Laid-off workers had worked for up to 20 years at Monster Cable, producing the wealth which the company's executives enjoy today. Now most workers are in their 40s and 50s, the hardest age to find a new job, let alone change careers in a declining manufacturing industry. Monster Cable broke with past practice, offering a drastically reduced severance of just four weeks pay, and empty promises of help in re-employment.

Founder and self-titled "Head Monster" Noel Lee is an "entrepreneurial success story" who made his wealth by selling expensive cables ($40 -$400+) while paying Asian and Latino immigrant workers an average of just $11 an hour. He is trying to play the good local employer who cares about the community, while in reality he has joined the rest of the corporate bandwagon to exploit low-wage workers overseas.

Lee spent $6 million to name "Monster Park" (aka Candlestick Park in San Francisco), has annual sales of up to $1 billion, and is famous for his love of expensive toys;including a luxury car fleet valued at $5.5 million.

Think about how workers feel when they know that just one or two of the "Head Monster"'s 40+ fancy sports cars could resolve their demands.

Laid-off workers are demanding that the company pay a fair severance and contribute to the community which has been so severely impacted by mass unemployment. The company's response has been to ignore workers and manipulate the media. Too many corporations cut and run, depressing wages across the world and leaving unemployed families behind them.

Don't let Monster Cable get away with it.

3 EASY WAYS to HELP: 1. Join "In Tune with Justice!", the Musicians Solidarity Committee, by signing onto a declaration endorsing the workers campaign with potential boycott to come 2. Call and email the company and tell them you/your band supports the workers demands. E-mail the CEO at headmonster@ monstercable. com, or try calling him at 415-508-0000 (cell), or Tel: (415) 840-2000 Executive assistant ext. 4387. 3. Hook us up with any and all other musicians! Monster Cable has a number of musicians who officially endorse their products—so any connections to these folks or assessment of who might be sympathetic, would be very helpful as well. (see list below)

In solidarity,



Shaw San Liu Community Organizer, Chinese Progressive Association's Worker Organizing Center. 415-391-6986 ext. 313 415-577-0628 cell http://monstercable workers.blogspot .com

Musicians Who Endorse Monster Cable aka "Famous Monsters" Aerosmith Barenaked Ladies Blink 182 Cheap Trick Earth, Wind & Fire Filter George Benson Gregg Rolie Herbie Hancock Hiram Bullock J Mascis Joe Perry Kerry King Korn Lee Ritenour Limp Bizkit Linkin Park Matchbox 20 Paul Jackson DJ Qbert Flea Sammy Hagar Slash Tower of Power Zakk Wylde

Rock and Roll Sex Theatre

Rock and Roll Sex Theatre: Omnesia, X Rated Porno Machine and The Zoopy Show flog Blakes On Telegraph January 26, 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Kid Glove Entertainment announced today that Bay Area indie band Omnesia headlines a theatrical and wicked night of debauchery in the dungeon at Blakes On Telegraph with X Rated Porno Machine and The Zoopy Show on Saturday, February 17th “Rock concerts aren’t just about lining up three great bands for a show,” affirms promoter Scary Gary of KGE Presents. “A live show needs to be an electrically charged event with a sonic and visual focus. In the end, rock and roll is about sex and attitude, danger and dark unpredictability. It’s not four sad guys in t-shirts staring at the ground internalizing their emotions. These are three tight, strutting East Bay bands with a dark theatrical focus that create energy and euphoria. These acts don’t hesitate to take on the audience. This isn’t Valentine’s Day and candy for your girl. This is sex with strangers that hurts and feels good at the same time.” “These three bands are indeed united in their quest for sex and pain,” admitted Omnesia guitarist M2, “but how they get there is all over the bedroom and basement. X Rated Porno Machine pounds out hard hot rock while two cheerleader dominatrixes rip people out of the crowd and perform unspeakable acts of bondage. The Zoopy show features creatures from Planet Zoopy who converted a nun’s convent in South America into Go-Go dancers and their spaceship into music instruments; a Japanese anime costumed gang that spins a seductive blend of Pop, Punk, Disco, and Hyphy. These guys used to be Ken Kesey’s house band when his Merry Pranksters got together to decimate the medicine cabinet. And we never know if our singer is going to show up as a boy or girl or something wantonly both or neither.” Scary Gary believes that his security team will earn their paycheck that night keeping musicians and their libidos within the limits of Berkeley city ordinances. “We suspect that these bands and selected audience members will end up somewhere in an alley fornicating madly while channeling Trent Reznor and Traci Lords.” “Doors open at 9 pm, and there is absolutely no way under any circumstances that anyone under the tender age of 18 will be allowed to venture downstairs,” said Scary Gary. “This is not a show for minors.” Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at Ticket Web About OMNESIA OMNESIA is a dark high energy indie rock band from San Francisco, CA. Big sound, big beat, laced with synths and things that go bump in the night smeared with lipstick.... Omnesia has been chosen as Featured Artist for January, 2007 by Bay Music Scene (www.baymusicscene.com)

Omnesia's gender-bending singer is Enmei47 - a powerful and provocative theatrical performer and songwriter - dripping with mystery, darkness and passion. E47 has been described as the lovechild of Siouxsie and Marilyn Manson; a distinctive voice that evokes facets of PJ Harvey, Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox, Linda Perry, Peter Gabriel, Nina Hagen and Robert Plant. Omnesia is composed of six musicians who have toured locally, nationally and overseas in other acts to audiences as large as 20,000 - that have include Vicious Rumors, Damage, , Aaron Pearson, Fiction, Sci-Fi and Great Beast. Band members have shared concert lineups with Linda Perry, The Brown Fellinis, and Testament. Jim Juhn recorded, engineered and produced Omnesia's debut CD. Juhn has toured, recorded and composed with ex-members of King Crimson. The Omnesia CD is available on Kunaki, CD Baby and iTunes. Omnesia features Enmei47, vox; M2, guitar; DDevil, drums, Tyr, harmonic propulsion and vox; Baby Swirl, keyboards; and Phayß: multi-unit, vox. www.myspace.com/myomnesia