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" BAD, NOT BAD" clip

Clip of an unusual tune, with tongue-in-cheek humour. with Zed Cats . (c) 1999

"VICE AGE" - with Zed Cat Club

Clip of prolific song performed using an analog moog synth - Guitars by S. Zed.

"ALIEN ENCOUNTER" Clip -w S.Elliott

Clip from full song Alien Encounter, composed & performed with Stuart Elliott (U.K.). This song reached No. 1 in Charts on soundclick a few years back. It is an atmospheric spacey look at a pleasant yet mysterious encounter with a UFO.

Earlier pst"THE IRON LADY" - clip w Coccinella

A snippet of a brill Collaboration with Coccinella & Lina A. A spacy, pulsating, trippy journey into the inner & outer space of the mind. (c) Lina A & Coccinella (Philo M) -- Lyrics, Vocal Melody Music & Added percussion - Lina A. and Music - Coccinella (Philo .M.) .

"CONCEPT" (New Face)

An unusual triphop feel, with some beatpoet vocals as well as harmonies. The music was created on an Alesis Micron, using several tracks, & then tweaking them.

Video about a Sociopath - Rockin Cheeky-Artsy

"MANIC USURPER" collab w/NoiseFlower (Mary A) - -features Jimmie D (Bo Diddley drummer) as the "villain" & the lovely NoiseFlower (female drummer), who co-wrote/performed the music with Lina. "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFXbEhIVZJE"