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CoveredScars Video Contest

COVEREDSCARS VIDEO CONTEST ::: We are giving everyone a chance to win free "new" CoveredScars merchandise including the new cd coming out June 1st "FLINCH" !! The 4 best video's we choose for any of the songs on our latest cd "What Words Will Do" the following will be given out to those who win .. 1st place gets a WWWD & FLINCH cd,t-shirt,sticker,and wristband - 2nd place gets a WWWD & FLINCH cd & wristband - 3rd place gets a WWWD cd & a t-shirt - 4th place gets a T-shirt ... Contest will carry out til March 26th to give a 2 week time period for everyone to come up with their video .. Once you have completed your video please post it on our CoveredScars fb page to be voted on ... Pass this on and GOOD LUCK !!