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Average Joe Entertainment on the farm

Average Joe Entertainment down on the Runnin Wild farm. The Runnin Wild project has started be sure to check out our facebook page, Runnin Wild Band 2wild4u, for pictures.

Average Joe Entertainment on the Farm

Average Joe Entertainment will be down on the farm with Runnin Wild next Friday to get the new project started. Hope the buffalo stay inside the fence this time, and they can avoid the camel’s spit. Can’t wait to share this new project with our fans!

2013 Schedule

First let me say “THANK YOU” to all our fans. I have been asked about our 2013 schedule. Runnin Wild is currently working on a huge project with Average Joe Entertainment. We are going to let Average Joe Entertainment make the announcement about the project.

The band is spending a lot of time in the studio working on new material and will make several trips between Nashville and Kentucky. Hopefully, we can start booking some local shows after the project starts in April. We are planning a block party in Rockmart the first part of May. The date will be posted on Reverbnation and our facebook page: Runnin Wild Band 2wild4u.

Thank you for your patience and support. You are really going to like the new sound and be amazed when the project is announced.

Good Luck Runnin Wild Band

Wish Runnin Wild Band good luck with their meeting this week. Hopefully the record company will give them a big Valentine Present.

Check out th HRSRCC video

Thank you to all of our fans, friends, and family for helping us make the video. A big yeah baby for Moby.

Filming locations are: Runnin Wild Farm------Aragon, GA Seney Mud Bog----------Aragon, GA NHBA---------------------Rainsville, AL Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari-----Pine Mountain, GA

Enjoy and if you spot your face or a friend in video, put a name in the comment section. Check us out our facebook page, runnin wild band 2wild4u, and on Reverbnation and become a fan.

Thank you, Runnin Wild Band 2wild4u

H.R.S.R.C.C Video coming soon

Our new H.R.S.R.C.C. video should be out this week. Folks just having fun with their friends, family, and kids - from playing in the mud, to playing football in a field, or just enjoying the great outdoors. Thank you to our fans, friends, and family for helping us make this video.

Full Scale Barn Dance 2012

We had a great show this past weekend out on the McCray Farm for there annual horse ride. Great crowd, great food, and it was an amazing concert. The setting of the show being in an old barn in the middle of the country was great. We brought in full production including a full stage, sound system that rocked that old barn, and a light show that made everything come together and create a full scale concert experience for this event. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of nice people. We hope all of them feel as good about the performance as we do, and we look forward to being invited to doing it again next year.

Everything is NEW!!!!

Its been an up hill battle over the past few months. Between opening and working in the studio to re work our music, adding new material to our set list, building our stage show, production upgrades including sound system and lighting, music video shoot, graphics and web design, all new promotional material, all new mechandise, and shopping for a new booking agency. It has been a lot of work and headaches, arguments and rewards. But stepping out on that stage infront of an amazing RWB crowd that appreciates everything that goes in to making this RWB organization work, that makes every bit of it worth it. we have alot coming to you very soon and we plan on hitting the southeast as hard as we can, making our mark on country music. So keep you eyes open for RWB coming to a town near you.