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A new Show on August 2nd

Lets Show them how Voodoo-Fans do it !! http://www.facebook.com/events/175250209313323/

VoodooStick Podcast!

Come Check Out VoodooStick's Pod cast with "Crazy Jay Bird" this tuesday July 2 @ 4pm http://t.co/JVHN68L2Ko

We had an Awesome Year!

Its april Again and it time you told a friend about "VoodooStick"..Everybody just take one moment to help your favorite starving artist.

My Fans on Reverb and FaceBook!!

You Guys have Been Awesome and I'm so greatfull! But now I Need your help ,Tell at least one friend to Fan me at http:www.Revebnation.com/voodoostick and thank you!!

Fan turnout

I've been on the music seen in Vegas for over a year now and have met some really cool musicians and some of there family too. I see what it takes to keep your favorite musicians jamming for you. You could be the very best there is ,Have the best sound,the sickest guitar licks, but if you cant get the people who like your stuff to show up and support, your out the door...One less pay check for your favorite group,its tuff...So I think as a fan you should tell a friend about it so they can cover for you when you cant show....