What a great weekend. Fantastic weather and a great venue. Come and join us as we play are ass off to support Eeva Hakala a young woman from the community fighting cancer.

Soul-filled Night @ The Crofton Hotel for Eeva

Hey! Two weeks from tomorrow we're up at the Crofton Hotel for a great cause, to help out and support @Eeva Hakala a young woman in the community with cancer. Please join us. We've got a bag full of music. Two jam packed sets of blues, jazz and roots music. Bring your family, friends, neighbors, even strangers you pick up along the way.

Newest Dead Beat Deacon

Rev. Up & the dead beat deacons...are excited to tell you about the newest dead beat deacon. He is saxophonist Jonnie Bridgeman. Here's a bit of his bio. We had our first full practice with Jonnie yesterday in the studio. James Brown coined the phrase, " Papa's got a brand new band." Well, we can only say Rev. Up has been elevated to a whole new sound.

Jonnie's bio...

Jonnie has studied privately with many of BC's finest saxophonists including Phil Dwyer, Wendell Clanton, Larry Crawford, Larry Miller, Julia Nolan and Campbell Ryga. Equally at home sitting in with a jazz combo, R & B horn section, chamber group or full concert orchestra, Jonnie has experience as a featured soloist, conductor, session player and pit musician.

Jonnie currently plays with several active performing groups in and around Victoria. He leads his own jazz trio, Ajna, performs regularly with Hip-Hop/Funk fusion group "The New Groovement" and sits in regularly with a number of other local jazz groups. Jonnie prides himself on his adaptability in music and enjoys playing a diverse variety of music.

Welcome Jonnie!

Music is my church

Music has always been my church. I might go to buildings and participate in rituals and even make a living by involvement and engagement with more traditionally understood examples of church/religion, but in my heart music is my religion, my church, my heart. it was in music that I found a space to voice and hear voiced my desire, my melancholy, my sexuality, everything. I remember with a fondness not reserved for many other things in my heart, when I bought my first record player, a Dansette, very similar, if not identical to the one in the image. It wasn't the machine itself, it was what it represented--liberation from the family 'sound system', the radio choices of my parents, the tyranny of a world shaped by ideas, values and aesthetics that meant very little to me as I tried to give voice to my own. That record player became a shrine upon which I sacrificed faithfully the artifacts of my faith--the blues, gospel, r+b, soul, reggae--with a fervour and zeal that was a visceral response to the thing that offered me freedom and a path to knowing and finding myself.

Goldstream Food Bank Fundraiser

A huge, HUGE!!! thank you to Rev. Up ( aka Gary Brewer ), his wife Kari, all their friends who volunteered at the First Annual Goldtream Food Bank Fundraiser. Thanks to our friends, and musicians Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys. Kendall is nominated for Vancouver Island Music Award, Singer/Song writer category...we have our fingers crossed. Anyway, they always put an awesome show, with a mix ...of humorous stories in between. Thanks to Michael Cronk and Look Out Behind You, it was a treat to listen to their acoustic creativity. And also thanks to jazz pianist Ken Gray who played an awesome rendition of Oscar Peterson's Freedom Train. Thanks to the folks that bought up all the silent auction goods, and to everyone that came out... thank you for chipping in to replenish the shelves at the foodbank. Be sure to watch for next years event, and help spread the word. I can't remember the final tally, I think Kari said it was just over $1,500.

New EP is served for your consumption...

Rev. Up and the deadbeat deacons just want to give you a taste. These are rough tracks, we're still mixing and stirring trying to create out distinct flavor. Anyway, have a listen and let us know what you think. We hope it's soul lifting, we trying to cultivate a sound in the soil of electric, and acoustic blues, jazz and roots. The reality...we are all a part of a divine mysterious harmony.