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MUSIC THAT MOVES YOU....That's what we are putting across. If we can make a foot tap,a hand slap a chair,or just pick up someone's spirits, (even if our own) that's what this is all about. Absolutely a great feeling to reach people enough to make them want to dance. All inhibitions vanish and they cut loose and forget the world for awhile.When an musician/entertainer can do this - it is truly magic. We will always treasure those moments in those late night memories.

Butch Maney
Butch Maney  (over 4 years ago)

amen brother you got me ''chugging''!!and iquit drinking over 15 yrs ago;p>>WHAT A RIDE only show i wasn,t thrilled w was at gregg almans club(south fla?)remember mark firing his m/c inna club in ga to open''born to be wild,,ha ha smoked it out the door filled the bar with tire smoke ha ha ha i hit that fuckin HIEL AND YOU BOYS NAILED IT !!!!!FUN?I MAY HAVE SOME TAPES WE MADE(PRACTICE&MAYBE MANAPADERS I'LL LOOK FOR EM WE CAN TELL WHAT 3.5 DECADES HAVE DONE HA HA STILL''GREEESSEY''smoking&tite!!!

Skytrain  (over 4 years ago)

Yes, I do remember that. Forgive me for the slow answer, but I just haven't looked at this part of the page for awhile. I remember that crappy room they gave us on the inter coastal river. I remember playing a bar called "The Detour" on US17 and asking the biggest,baddest biker I could find if he would start his bike by the door and rev it up for "Born to be Wild", and he just looked down at me and said," I ain't got no license,dude. I rode up here on a Beach Cruiser.... I never asked anyone again.