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My friends!

What's up my friends! I just noticed that we are up 30 spots nationally, I know that may not be much in the music business, but for a band from a little town, that's huge! Thank you so much for supporting us and listening and liking our music most of all! We are number 1 in our area! That's just killer! Thank you so much my friends!! Be sure and catch us at a venue near you! See you soon! PEACE!!!

Lets kick this new year in the ass!!

My friends it's a great start to a new year! We are booking more shows in places that we have not been to in little while! We want you to be a part of it all, get your friends, enemies(we love them), friends' friends, whoever, get them to a Lastchild show! Lets do this!! See you soon at a venue near you! PEACE!!!!

Creation is a wonderful thing

Whats shakin friends!! Just wanted to let you know that we are in the process of writing new material, and promises to be a heavier album than our first one, we plan on getting it recorded during the fall and winter months for a spring release so BE READY!! See ya soon!! ...and a huge thank you to the bands we've had the opportunity to share the stage with this summer, The Sammus Theory, Cage9 and Back In Black!! PEACE FRIENDS!!!!

Lets Get It!!!

WAZUP FRIENDS!!! Its time to party once again and rock out as well! Lets Get It this spring and summer by having some great times, we"re ready are you? See you at venue near you! PEACE!!!

New Gigs,New Friends,New Impressions

Hey there friends!! We are winding down another great year of hangin and bangin, and we want to get into alot more places this next year, if you would like us to come to your town, hit us up! You can message us on Facebook or here at ReverbNation. Hope to see you soon!! PEACE!!!