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Ten Years to Solve World Hunger and Life Towers

The Mic:Any embarrassing moments on stage? Nothing worth talking about! What I think is worth Talking about however is setting up a concert, wherein four distinct music genres PERFORM Rock & Roll – Hip Hop - Jazz and Folk, each definite music style is voted on and the Group within the particular genres that gets the most votes gets money a trophy and bragging rights. The concert will be televised on stations around the world and on the internet Webcast Live. CBS alone reaches millions with over 600 streaming Stations and the newest entrant into the field groundbreaking mobile applications Not to mention AOL. Raadio Yahoo! Music and Xbox. People will call-in and vote and pledge money and support for the Lifetowers concept. And they get to vote for the music they are watching. This show Can also be re-broadcast and also sold on DVD’s. Selling the idea for a prototype of LIFETOWERS will be easy with the right visual dramatic presentation . The trouble the world is in today people are searching for anything that can help answer the problems of the world needs. So a concert like the “Ten Years To Solve World Hunger” can only educate and entertain all who experience it.

The LifeTowers none profit Corporation group gets the money to build a Lifetower prototype that can feed, employ and power each city one is constructed in…

This concept that Once it’s begun it will transform the way in which food, energy and communications are created and delivered and it will revolutionize the world.

When I was a student studying social engineering at Clark University I wrote a paper entitled “!0 Years To Solve World Hunger” and submitted at Christmas time for a mid term Paper, To my absolute surprise my professor sent it back to me by FedEx and gave me a grade of A+ and asked that I get it published, frankly I was delighted, I had worked hard on the paper and made sure that my facts where all in order. I didn’t have the resources so I published it in the inside cover of my first album.” In Another World” You can still get that physical album at Amazon .Com. I will put up a website titled “LifeTowers.com” That will be a full presentation to explain all the elements of the Lifetowers and the “Ten Years to solve world hunger” and why this concept must not fail it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of the humane race.