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Happiness is a warm smile

Im in Marks kitchen listening to the Whiskysharts practice and i keep smiling to myself. There so much talent in one room room. These song are so fun and so inspiring. I feel more like myself every day I practice moderation.

Magic At dandelion

So I walked into Dandelion cafe to meet a friend for a piano interlude in the middle of the day. As I strolled into the room I felt this really great presences. She took up the whole room while at the same time allowing room for everyone else.I've never experienced that before I was floored by the ease we all went in and out of conversation back and forth through music banging out chords and melodies manifesting fields of endless creativity. I thank today for all its given me.


I've finally begun to sober up its day 6 of no alcohol, no substances and no going out. I was reminded the other day during a bad trip that I have been so detached from myself for so long. That same sentiment was mirrored by a Psyche I saw 4 days ago in Cassadaga FL. One day at a time one step at a time out of the abyss.