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finishing up the album

we are starting to get previews of the master tracks for our album, and nailing down the art! this is all very exciting and we can't wait to have it out for you, only a few months away now probably! (seeing as we're not rushing it, just taking our time to make sure its as good as it can be!) but don't forget to check out our un-mastered track on youtube to get a taste for it!

Victory for all!

We have come out on top for the Armstrong metalfest's peoples choice! thank you all for the support! We have recently learned as well that our main competition and heavy metal brothers Scimitar will be joining us as one of the other bands has had to drop off.


we're still in the lead but our comfort level is shrinking as the band in 2nd is making a valiant push, please continue to vote Atrous Leviathan every day and send us to armstrong!


Vote! Vote! Vote!

we're still in the lead but all the bands that are still in the race are really kicking it into high hear! and we can really use any help to keep us in first!


we appreciate all the support so far!

keeping the lead

we've spread our lead by 400 votes now! which is amazing, please continue to vote for us and take it all the way!

Taking the lead!

we have taken the lead for peoples choice for the Armstrong Metalfest this year! but the contest isn't over! not by a long shot! we still need your votes everyday to maintain the lead! so please head over to


and vote Atrous Leviathan! it only takes 3 clicks (including clicking the link above )

thanks for all the support so far!

Armstrong Metalfest

we are campaigning for a spot on the Armstrong Metalfest this year! we are part of the peoples choice and have the chance to play with some amazing bands and have a blast.

to help us out you just have to go to


click on peoples choice and vote for us! its super easy! you dont need to sign up for anything, or even give an email (no spam woo!). each IP address gets 1 vote, and you can vote everyday!

we would really appreciate the votes

In the Studio in Vanvouver!

we are tracking drums in Vancouver all weekend! then recording everything else all week. we're hoping to have a nice shiny product for you guys within a couple short months.

super exciting time for Atrous Leviathan

Working on the Demo

We've been working on our demo for quite some time now! It has been recorded and mastered and now we're just waiting for art! We put up our single Burn the Cannibal for you to listen to while we wait for the release and we'll be keeping you up to date as the process continues