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Various Ways to Learn Home Recording Techniques

Home recording became popular as the concept evolved into a digital recording. In the past, to record a song we just have to go to a big recording studio complete with all the equipment that the main class. But now times have changed, the recording equipment had to be bought with reasonable price and good quality. As a result, had many great musical works recorded in the room or private room, the songs were recorded, in the mixing and mastering his own by him. Then where he learned about the technique of recording the editing process? whereas audio engineer, is one of the science is quite expensive if you have to learn in formal school. Various ways to learn home recording techniques

Music Course Ancient music course may have only a few classes that focus on learning the use of musical instruments, improving skills and music theory. Now a music course has been increasing its class for digital musical instruments, and also provides classes for the recording technique. Although not widely taught in depth about the science of sound, most of the tutorial teaches the use of DAW software, Virtual Studio and other equipment for recording, but it also teaches engineering, mixing and mastering. In Indonesia, there are many courses of digital music, one of which is owned by Agus Hardiman musiktek Jakarta.

Internet It is inevitable that the Internet is one of the top sources of information provide input to us every day. And you need to know that it was a lot of sound engineer who was born not from formal education, but of learning via the Internet. Different modes of learning over the internet for example like:

1. Forum On the internet you can find some home recording forum, where you can gather with people who have similar interests and hobbies, so you can share, exchange kiritik and give advice. Examples of such recording audio forum: http://homerecording.com/, http://musiktek.com, http://audioindonesia.com, http://homerecordingconnection.com/, and others. 2. Weblog You can also find tutorials, tips and tricks for recording techniques for weblog, is usually more subjective weblog wrote an article based on experience, knowledge and opinion of the owner of the weblog. Some examples of weblogs that discuss home recording is: http://homerecording.about.com/, http://www.tweakheadz.com/, http://rumahrekam.com.

Learning from the Expert In addition to learning through courses and through the internet, you also can learn firsthand by visiting experts. You can go into a recording studio near your residence and began to ask for help from the studio sound engineer. Usually Sound Engineer will be pleased to receive you because they have similar interests.

Keep in mind also, if you already intend to real experts in this field, one day you also need to go and take a formal education so you can become an expert sound engineer.

Article from: http://rumahrekam.com/