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Hillbilly Outlaw Blues - album completed yeeehaaaawww!!

Here is related interview concerning completion of album. The radio interview link 'Mid Mornings with Hannah Geffert​' is provided at bottom of this blog entry.

Again I would like to thank all the musicians that helped my project come to reality - 'Hillbilly Outlaw Blues'. Hannah, Bart Adams, Ian Mckelvy​ Tedd Steele,​ Nancy Griffith-Cochran,​ Laurie Handman Mangold,​ Mark Lewis, Dan Cronin​, Jeff Webb (& even the Andy Hawk​ pig call LOL). Also Garrett Hoffman​ for CD art work, bass funk concept on WEEBO song & Garrett/Cody for co-writing WV WOODS song.

Interview time starts at 02:00 minutes - 09:00 minutes, commercial 09:00 mins - 12:30 mins, last part of interview 12:30 mins - 23:55. Thanks Hannah!


Recording project

Just a quick update on my recording project. It is about 90% completed. Still looking for some female harmony parts. Also, in the long run hoping to find a bass player and fiddle player for Northern VA area.

Also some more news:

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Working on quite a few new recordings.

Could use a little help on a few areas: Need steel guitar on one song, dobro on another song. Need some fiddle on 3 or 4 songs but think I have that covered. Also, adding harmony, drums, and electric guitar leads to few songs but think I have all the covered, too. Might be able to trade some bass tracks for someone who could help me on steel / dobro?


I just found my old cassette tape of songs recorded by Ray Tilkens when I was in a band called Sundown in the early 80's. I was able to convert to mp3s (although quality is not as good as strictly digital) & put them up on my site here. I had so much fun in those days playing music with the late great Jack Frisbie, his son Marc, & Keith George. Here's to the good ol' days.