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The State of the Party Crew

Ladies and Gentleman, I formally welcome you to a few paragraphs of updates from the one and only me: Rapid Hellfire.

If your'e still reading this, then here's the state of things in the RPC world right now.

1. Unfortunately, we're not playing shows right now. Believe me, I would like more than anything than to get onstage and unleash a maelstrom of sonic brutality, but unfortunately this new line up's not finished and we're not practiced up even without it being finished. Give it time and we will be drinking our way through shows again soon enough.

2. Cordell and I are currently in the process of finishing up "It's Name Was Terror" and once we have the drums and arrangements finalized, we will commence the recording of it.

3. Plan for an EP. We never got around to it the first time around, and several have asked for some type of physical release, so you're going to get it.

4. We need your help. The more people who hear our music, the more people you tell about us, and the more people are interested in staying up on us, then the more we're able to produce. Please take the time to show us some love, because every bit helps.

With that said, may your beers be cold and bountiful, and may your metal be loud and proud. Cheers motherfuckers!

-Sean "Rapid Hellfire" Corkum.

Thrash, crash and bash!

Hey everybody, just thought I'd give a shout out as to what's new and what's current in the realm of RPC. We're pretty busy at the moment, with shows this Saturday at Goodfella's, Friday Aug 26th at Black Forest, Sept 3rd at the Lust & Hate Fest in Albany, and Sept 13th at the Backspace in Portland!!! It's almost a big, long and drawn out mini-tour as we wind from Springfield up to Portland over the next month!

We've also got some fresh new mixes of Kill Everything that Moves and Run N Gun headed your way, with redone vocals on Kill. Also, our final song from the upcoming split with Gromkult, No Thought Process, will be available as soon as the vocals are tracked and the mix is polished.

After that we're looking to put a six song demo with all new and fresh recordings, so if you're liking what you're hearing from the current stuff, just wait until that baby drops.

We're also working on a bunch of new material that we're going to be unveiling over the next couple months, as well as bringing back a classic re-imagining we did on a certain tune from the first level of the original horror-FPS. If you saw our first batch of shows, and like your games classic, you know what I'm talking about!!

I'd also like to thank all of our fans and fellow bands for the support we've gotten, you guys have all been absolutely killer and thanks to you all we can keep on keepin' on! If you can repost us and share us with your friends, that's just even more help and more momentum to keep bashing and thrashing our way ahead!!!

Stay tuned as the aural assault that is RPC continues further ahead. The brutality is only beginning . . .


Rocket Propelled Chainsaws is back in business folks! We've got our new drummer, Brother Darkness, here to throw down and fuck shit up, and we've got some new tunes heading your way for the upcoming shows!!! Be prepared to get terminated, discover the riddle of steel, and find out exactly what the hell a Death Match Party in Times Square is.

Due to some unforeseen delays, we're having to fix a few things on Run N Gun but it will be up soon, you have my word on that! After that, we've got one song to go and we're gonna be all set and ready to go for the split with Gromkult!!!

Also, we're going to be getting tickets for Boot Fest 4 here very soon, just get in touch with us to procure them. They are going to be $7 for the evening, and we are honored to be sharing the stage with Game Over, Harness, Omnihility, Monday With a Bullet, and New World Sinner. Make sure to pick a ticket it up, it's going to be a night of metal you don't wanna miss!!!


--Rapid Hellfire

What's current in the world of RPC

Hey guys, just wanted to give a shout out on what's currently happening in the world of RPC.

We're currently working on finishing up Run N Gun as well as a third track for an upcoming split with the legendary darkness that is Gromkult, so keep your eyes and ears open for news on that.

We're currently trying out drummers, so hopefully here soon we will be back playing a lot more shows than we have been. We will still be playing Boot Fest 4, regardless of the situation, so get your tickets to that, it's going to be one hell of an evening!!!

Thanks for all the support, and keep shit rockin' like Dokken out there!!!