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*** Sack O' Styx EP free download ***

Easy Styxmen fans The Sack O' Styx E.P is now available for free download at www.styxmen.bandcamp.com/album/sack-o-styx-ep Go over there now and get the 6 track E.P for free. The second EP from Styxmen, Sack O' Styx was produced and recorded in late 2011 during the post-production stage of the Styx & Bones LP. This EP features the debut performance from Rosie Saunders, who will also be appearing on the LP and future Styxmen projects. And as ever there is a feature from Mogul, the other half of Deez Ceedz. Production duties are split between Prophit & Dead Ott and for the first time ever, guest producer White Key. Look out for more collabs with White Key Productions in the future.


1. She Drives Me Wild (produced by White Key) 2. As Bad As It Seems ft. Rosie Saunders & Mogul 3. Things Just Changed (Dead Ott solo) 4. Storyboard Life (Prophit solo) 5. Hate The Weed I'm Smoking 6. Next Up

So go download it, post it, share it and most importanty, enjoy it

*** Sack O' Styx E.P Sampler ***

As a little taster we have put together a Sack O' Styx E.P sampler, featuring snippets from all 5 tunes from the E.P, which will be available for free download soon. All you have to do to get this little treat is sign up to the mailing list, then we'll email you a 320 MP3. If you've already signed up the tune should be on its way to you, if not drop us your email and we'll send it straight out.

The tracklist for the sampler is as follows:

1. Storyboard Life (produced by Prophit) 2. Roll Call (produced by Dead Ott) 3. Next Up...(produced by Styxmen) 4. Things Just Changed (produced by Dead Ott) 5. As Bad As It Seems ft. Rosie Saunders (produced by Prophit)

*** Latest Developments ***

The Styx & Bones LP should finally be coming out in the next month. The artwork is getting finished next weekend, and as with all Sprout & Grow releases will be produced by Meej. We'll be going to link him in Bristol next weekend and will be putting the photos up soon.

As well as that we are working on the Sack O' Styx EP, the second free download release from Styxmen. Its another 5 tracker with productions duties split equally between Prophit & Dead Ott. As well as a solo tune each there is also an appearance by Rosie Saunders on the tune 'As Bad As It Seems'. Expect to hear more from this talentend female vocalist on up and coming Sprout & Grow Productions. Keep checking for more music from Styxmen.....

*** Bag O' Bones EP ***

The 'Bag O' Bones' EP is now finished and will be available for free download this week. This is a 5 track EP, coming in at just under 15 minutes so its a short and sweet little taster of whats to come. All tunes are produced by Prophit and the EP showcases some of the older beats that didn't make it on to the album. All the vocals were recorded last week and are a variation of old and new lyrics from Dead Ott and Prophit. Check the tracklisting below. We will be dropping 'Jack Frost' later on today and the album will be available as a free download later in the week. If you're at Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford or St Pauls Carnival in Bristol keep your eyes peeled for some limited edition promo copies.....

Bag O' Bones EP

1. Jack Frost 2. Psychoholics 3. New Era 4. Junk 5. First Class

All tracks produced by Prophit All lyrics by Dead Ott & Prophit

Download link - http://styxmen.bandcamp.com/album/bag-o-bones-e-p

*** Follow The Root ***

The last of the four tunes showcasing the Styx & Bones album is now up. 'Follow The Root' is a new tune produced by Prophit and is Dead Ott's solo tune on the album. All about hip hop and the state of it today. There will be no more tunes uploaded from the album...you gotta buy that shit to hear the rest...

*** Counting Sheep ***

The next tune from the Styxmen album is now uploaded. 'Counting Sheep' was produced by Prophit & Dead Ott and is the oldest original recording on the album, made in 2006. The beat contains a real nice sample from an old 40s blues record, and a guest verse from Mogul.

One more tune to drop next week then that will be you're lot til you buy the album!!

*** Unreleased Classics ***

Now available to download for the first time are 4 classic EMC/Styxmen tunes. First up is 'Back2Back' from Dead Ott's 2004 solo album Stories From The Frontline. Then we got a self produced Prophit solo tune 'Slew Steppin' from 2005, with a sick sample in there. Then there's 'Torture' produced by Dead Ott and also featuring Mogul. And last but not least Prophit & Dead Ott's take on Meth & Busta's 'Whats Happenin'. These tunes are only available to fans who sign up to the mailing list, so sign up and get your freebies

*** Shindig ***

The next tune from the Styxmen album 'Styx & Bones' has just been dropped. 'Shindig' is Prophit's solo tune on the album and is a real party banger. Produced by Prophit, and with a couple of flashes of Dead Ott, this is one of the best tunes on the album.

Keep checking this site for more Styxmen news, and watch out for a video for 'Shindig' in the not too distant future...

*** Educated Fella's ***

the first tune of the Styxmen debut album 'Styx & Bones' is now available. 'Educated Fella's' was originally produced by Prophit in 2006, but was re-recorded for the Styxmen album. Another tune from the album will drop next week so keep em peeled