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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays friends! Time to pop that Turkey, Ham or in my case Tri-Tip into the oven, or for that matter what ever else turns your taste buds on! I hope none of you or yours are wanting for anything this holiday season! And for those no longer with us on this earthly plane, you will have our love and thoughts to fill you up! Peace and Love, Ray William Roldan

Explaing message in my song Man Of Steel

This song came to me all at once! I had written everything I had all the verses in one sitting and then my buddy Mark helped with the Chorus chord changes and I wrote the rest of the tune sitting in the studio. I didn't have a message when I started, I just let the universe flow the words to me! That happens a lot of the time with me. Later I looked at it and figured how some one could get so wrapped up in there "Job" or "what there trying to Be" that they forget what they actually are! Being a dad or a Mom is much more important then being rich or powerful or "able to fly"! I figure Jesus was called the Son of God! Meaning God is a Parent! Most folks never seem to figure that part out. In this story the daughter definitely understands that. Kids almost always understand the importance of a parent. Part of this "Supermans beingness is the fact that he is a father, take that away and he ain't nothing special. Embrace that and every father can be a Super Hero! Explaining the Man Of Steel song by Ray William Roldan

European Country Music Association Charts!

Here's some news a a new release from my latest CD Mended Fences.

to ECMA charts are out for week starting December 6 with top 70 songs, and our artists are well represented (click on top 100 at left): #4 Noel Parlane... HONKY TONKIN' ALL NIGHT LONG #13 Chris Anderson... TAKIN' THE FIFTH #34 Ray William Roldan... I REMEMBER (another label) #36 Donna Cunningham... GONE FOR GOOD (another label)

By Country: Netherlands: #3 Noel Parlane... HONKY TONKIN' ALL NIGHT LONG Denmark: #1 Noel Parlane... HONKY TONKIN' ALL NIGHT LONG #7 Ray William Roldan... I REMEMBER Austria: #1 Ray William Roldan... I REMEMBER UK: #7 Ray William Roldan... I REMEMBER Ireland: #4 Allen Karl... BUTTERFLIES (another label) #7 Ann Pascoe... BED OF ROSES (another label) Sweden: #6 Ray William Roldan...I REMEMBER

New CD Release for 2013 "Mended Fences"

Howdy Folks! It's my great pleasure to introduce My new CD in the Alt-Country Americana Roots Rock genre! It's called Mended Fences and it's got 14 new songs! I really hope you enjoy it! Ray William Roldan

New Relase

Howdy Folks! I'm very pleased to announce the release of my latest Cd, Ray William Roldan and Swing Samurai "Where We Come From"!! 13 brand new Americana Roots Rock Tunes! Stop by and take a listen and while your at it check out "In California Country" Too! Cheers! Ray William Roldan