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Global Music Awards

I am very pleased to announce that my Awakening CD has earned two Global Music Awards. Please go to the awards webpage and vote for me as a "fan favorite." Just check the box by my name (Michelle Dunn) and click submit. Let's bombard them with flute votes! http://www.globalmusicawards.com/Vote.html

Scoring "Awakening"

So in working on this piece I am hearing large orchestrations. And I am finding that I am actually scoring the various world flutes as if they were orchestral instruments. I hear the orchestral instruments synonymously while playing the flutes. I love that my mind works in this way. This is going to be a very special composition.

CD Title Track

Just began arranging the title track for my soon to be released CD, "Awakening." I have to admit, it is quite breathtaking - totally unbiased opinion.

About My Music

“Some of my music is deeply emotional; you will certainly feel that. But I also create music that resembles the more popular radio tunes of today. Take the hip-hop and dub beats, for example. I want to see young flutists driving around in their cars with their windows down, blasting my CD. And when the people around them look over at them, I want those flutists to say, “Yeah, that’s right. I’m a flute player!”

In the Studio

Morning sun, afternoon nap, and MUCH fluting, composing, and recording today. Good day!

CD release date

My new CD, "Awakeing," will be released in October 2012. Preview tracks will be online in July. Production videos are scheduled for most tracks. Stay tuned!!

New Website

The new website is finally ONLINE! http://MichelleDunn-BornToFlute.com All social networks are now synced. New music will be posted soon. Online store and music label website also will be online soon.