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I have been recording, performing and broadcasting my music my own way professionally for 3 years now. Since originality has been such an issue in my country, I've had a hard time finding music producers who love to work with me since I stay put with my own color and musical style. Most local music producers want me to change my music to a boy band or k-pop style and change my look too. But I resist them all because my music is me.

For these reasons, I feel the need to take my music abroad and America is a great place to start the journey. I would like to invite American musicians and producers to submit samples of your music with ideas of how we can become genuine music partners. I look forward to working with you.

they are :

1. Kim Kematt's Choice After reviewing submissions the host will select collaborators who will work with physically or digitally. Collaborators will have their work showcased on the host's social media channels and receive full credit for their contributions to projects produced.

2. People's Choice• The three highest voted artists will receive exposure on Kim Kematt social media channels • A review of your material and a call back with the decision of who he wants to work with. • Potentially collaborate on future projects.


Submit by: July 12, 2012 Vote: July 13, 2012 - July 20, 2012 Winner(s) Announced: August 3, 2012


It's my musical and art journey. It's not private color or intuition, that's why everyone is invited. let's make the world better place to live with music and art.


for details please check to : http://www.talenthouse.com/kim-kematt-music-collaboration

Making music ,inspiration and creative idea of song writing..

For me ,everybody could be our biggest inspiration for song writing process. A garbage,a fight, a friend,lover,a bird, a broken glass or even a lame rain. And those chose me to write which theme helping me start writing the tune and composing the melody.

A broken road is inspired by a moment where blending two ideas of different head has always been not easy.

YOU'RE THE ONE was based on my own true true love and long term real relationship . Its well proven that spaces has torn and torched two heart in to pieces when feeling of belonging and missing someone you really love attacked you.

And there is where UNIQUELY ME album was created. It combines from many stories and dreams. I hope everyone enjoy the various of tunes,melody and my voices in them.

thank you

the making of BRUTALLY IN LOVE official music video (march 2011)

Brutally In Love . My first single in English version has been really a break though for my music career . The story line is about a couple whom seeks for nothing but the truth of what relationship beneath. A tragic ending caused death between the two . Directed by Don Petrucie and shooted at the west part of Jakarta.The Location is exactly at Green Mansion House and involving some crews,friends and some famous model and movie stars. It took barely a half day,from 06.00 am until dark and the shooting is at the dried swiming pool mostly. It was exciting and loads of fun. Maia Kusuma ; an actress,model and tv presenter cast as the female model at the video mainstream and co stared by Diaz Ardiawan. Both are well known celebrities with very positive attitudes and friendly.

At the very rainy February this beautifull music video finally has been wrapped preety well and yes it is ,its my very very first music video and yet to be so gratefull in the future i can get back to work together again with Don Petrucie to make more great and excellent music video.

Hikaru band members was also such a great partner and team . The vocalist also has working spirit like no such drama queen during the video is made. They are Nonny at the vocal and Dadz at the bass,Meonk at the melody,Zanky at the rhythm and Ega at the drum. what more make the minutes were just perfectly precious was the visit of some great persons beside the producers of the music and video we have been working on . Age Sidharta, The elder brother of greatest band member Slank was there and giving his best supports and mentaly slicing our beaten spirit by the heat of sun shine .

It turn to be a precious moment all the way when a famous and great script writer of famous tv series were there too in the house. Indri Widya ,she has been halping us so much during the shooting and it never enough time and joyfull moment to celebrate what we have had there. There was not much this and that as the big issue during the video taken place. Because everybody has been such helpfull and co-operative individu. l.

The shooting from one scene to another was really run well,so there was not much re-take or else. But it was lilttle bit anoyying us when the sound of the tape where the music been played didnt work so well in the first place. Just it and the rest is just piece of work and art.

We were even more excited since the video been waited to join the music video contest held by huge major label.

These scenes are taken during the shooting day at the location which barely a full day time. It was exhausted and tiring day at most. But then when the director say" its a wrapped" we toast with the blast of the friendship and working together as a great team. Theres nothing we can do this part as an individual expertise but a team work what makes this fabulous video done well. At the end of the tiring day,we plan to start more relaxing day during next project might be happening among us. I saluted for their professional way of works. Its owesome day ,it is.