New Band, New Blood, New Beginning.

When the last original member of Watchworks decided to call it a day, I was faced with the decision of also calling it a day, or finding new members and carrying on. Well, as you all know, I decided to finish what I started two years ago, and see this whole thing through. It only took two weeks to find the right people for the job, and I was very amazed that it didn't take long-I was expecting to be looking for a few months. Watchworks is a special band to me. It's something that I built from the ground up, and have had quite a bit of success with. I just couldn't let it die, or even worse, JOIN someone else's band. It's only been less than a month with the new line up, but we're all really excited to get this thing out there. As for the sound? Hard to say right now. There are of course still the watchworks trade marks(Weird time signatures, weird arrangements, jazz/fusion influences), but new members always bring in new influences and ideas, so we're seeing this as a not a new direction, just some more ideas being brought to the table. The bottom line is Watchworks will still, and always, put out heavy music. It's never easy to start at square one when you've come this far, but this is a new beginning with a gigantic head start, and we;re ready to jump in and kick some ass!

Dale Whitaker, 5/9/13

Upcoming U.S. Shows.

As you all might know(since we've been talking about it non stop), We got a few shows in the New Jersey area coming up in September. We're all really excited to get over there and rock the fuck out! A lot of our friends from other parts of the country, mostly in the southern states want us to come down their way as well. We wish we could, but times being what they are with money and what not, we can't make it down south THIS time. That's not to say we won't be there next time. And trust us, there will be a next time. We just got to get this one in the north east under our belts, and with any luck, the next tour will be on a record companies dime. We have so many good friends in Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, and Mississippi, that a tour of that caliber with no tour support would be impossible. Be patient, we'll be down your way before you know it, and we know you'll all make us feel at home! As for now, N.Y./N.J. is on the itinerary, and we plan to kick some ass! Can't wait to get state side! See you in September!