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U.K. Tour this summer

U.K. Tour this summer with Inspirational Lyrics Records http://www.iLRecords.com

The Movement

We are getting out there and starting to see the fruits of our labor. It's been a wonderful journey so far. Filled with setbacks, disappointments, triumphs, and accomplishments. We are preparing ourselves for the fame and the recognition that's going to come with making the kind of music that we make. I don't know if you can really prepare your mind for the unknown but I'm in the process of doing it anyway! To all those who are reading this and supported me thank you so much for your support you WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!


The 1st official L.G.E Mixtape is coming soon! We plan to take over the streets and turn "A Party" back into a party!! When you go to the club or a party now and days no one is really on the floor. Dudes are dancing with dudes to hood songs and it completely killed the dance club scene. Well we are going to bring all that back...but do it the L.G.E. way. Hits upon hits upon hits upon hits...you know where i'm going with this. But I digress...Twerk Session is going to be amazing and I hope you all enjoy it. Vol. 1 is hosted by DJ EROCC J from Warner Robins, Ga. The industry ain't ready for us so we are taking it to the people!!!


The more I do this the more I see that I'm supposed to dominate the charts! I'm going to keep pushing forward to hit the top and push a more positive image and message to the youth! Then create a stream of positive artists who promote the same values as I! It's going to be amazing. All I have to do is keep doing what I do best. Flowing~Contay

The Next Step

I find it quite mind-boggling how I've made so much progress in so little time. I'm about to start the process of getting my very first official mixtape together! Paid and all. I'm very excited about it. About being able to actually make this my career. And have the chance to meet and connect with so many people. To inspire and touch lives in the most amazing ways. This gift that I was blessed with I will share with everyone and I am so happy to be able to share it with you! I say thank you to all of the people who believed in me and my ability to perform! You have made all of this possible. The next step is going to be a fun one! Now it's time to find an amazing studio!!!

The Symphony

I hear it. Not all the time but when i write R&B songs. It's like a flow. Not sure how to completely describe this flow but I can say that it's beautiful. This flow of music helps me to complete songs quickly. It drives me to see how it ends up. I have no bearing on how a song turns out it just becomes. From start to finish, even when recording, I still don't fully grasp what I've written until I sit down and listen to it. I'm just as amazed as anyone else who hears it.....which is rather weird I know. But It's true. I don't know how I do it so I don't question it....I just do it. (No Nike Promo either...I don't even wear em)lol

The Challenges

Everyday we face a challenge. Some great. Some miniscule. What we must realize though is no challenge is insurmountable. We can and will overcome it if we keep moving forward. You can't focus too strongly on the things in the past. Just learn from them and the future challenges won't seem so great anymore. Every challenge will become miniscule because you envision as such. We live one life here on earth. Remember that and no challenge formed against you shall prosper. And that's real.~Contay


Fear is a very weak emotion. It causes us to hate for no apparent reason other than itself. We fear what we do not know, so education is the key to beating such a senseless emotion. We all face terrible decisions in our lives, but do not fear for there is a plan for you already laid out! All you have to do is counter that fear with faith!


I feel a lot of it from my fans! I mean it's really starting to get amazing to me. The connections I can make with people are the best part of being able to do music. I'm a people person and a very positive one at that! There is no limit to the things we can accomplish together when we form bonds like that! I feel so strongly about the people that I've come across. I want to take on their hopes and dreams and help them accomplish them as they are helping me accomplish mine. Hearing them say my music is great just fuels me to make more...out do the last song I just did. My drive has become them and it's so awesome to me!!!

The Booth!

It feels like home when I'm standing in the booth and I'm in front of a mic. It just feels so natural to me. My movements to the beat become my flow and I perform what I'm saying to really feel what I'm writing. It's my poetry to an awesome beat basically. And it turned out that you all liked my voice. So I'm blessed by you all! That's why I can embody emotions and put them into my songs. It's like a pull push relationship. I know. In another world. Well about to get into the booth and drop an awesome R&B Jam "It Don't Take Much" ft. Jo (Produced By JRum) Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy performing it!! 3 Contay!