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New T-Shirts for sale!!!

Us here at Worlds Divide are very pleased with our delivery of our new shirts with the updated logo and emblem. These shirts will be running at $10.00. Contact us on any of our social media sites or one of the members directly. These are a limited supply, only 100 made, so first come first covered. As always keep yourself tuned to all things Worlds Divide. Big things planned and of course our upcoming full length studio album! Well be reaching out to all of you more and more in the next few weeks and months so keep and eye out for us!!! - Alec C-

Awesome Practice!!

Bashing it out at the Sweet Spot, prepping for CD release!!! Soon now...

Worlds Divide Has #1 Requested Song on Crim Radio!!

Crim Radio, out of Denver, CO, listed Worlds Divide's "One Lung" as the #1 requested song on their show for the week of July 29th this year. The song "Honor Thy Shield" came in at #10 for the week of August 25th!! We would like to thank Crim Radio for their support, and encourage our fans to check them out.

What Worlds Divide Means

All people, great or small, rich or poor, live in their own worlds. These worlds are created by our feelings and emotions. They are created by our beliefs, and our cultures and heritage. And they continually evolve from one generation to the next, as each generation lives in a different world from the one before it. This process never ends. These worlds are a human creation. They are shaped as we go through life by our experiences and our perceptions, and the influences of those around us. These worlds are what divide us, from the single person who loves or hates another, up through the nations which have allies and enemies. All of these divided worlds encompass the entirety of the human experience. The evolutionary process of our lives, cultures, and the indomitable nature of the human spirit thrive within the differences we have amongst each other. Worlds Divide is an exploration of these differences. Our music ranges from simple to complex, from beautiful to brutal, and everything in between. We are the truth and the lie. We are the saint and the tyrant. We are the light and the dark. We are humanity at its best and at its worst. E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, One.

Worlds Divide EP Release Show

Saturday July 16th Gasoline Alley will host the EP Release show for Worlds Divide. The lineup features fantastic bands, including Clenchfist, A(k)NeW, Heroes Will Fall, and Black Flag Project.


Doors open at 8pm

21 & over $5 Under 21 $8