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10th Wedding Anniversary

Mika and I are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary today.

I'm not here...but I'm leaving the green light on...hit me up a congratulatory comment if you like....I'm in HEAVEN that we actually made it this far. It wasn't always easy...I guess marriage is just dang-gong hard work...and then trying to manage that with the insane time schedules and financial sacrifices of a rock' n' roll lifestyle can take its toll on any marriage...still hanging in there, and still surviving...and I'm hanging onto this marriage for good. Love the wife, love the kids, love the music. The balance is hard...Just thankful my wife is not into rock' n' roll, otherwise, it would all be one hell of a roller coaster ride, or more likely a down bound train.

Going to Nagasaki on Saturday....so won't be around then.

It's a miracle we've made it this far (we did separate for a year two years ago when the money got tight...well, got a new job, and we're back together...still wanna rock' n 'roll, though...guess it's in the blood, or veins or something).

Anyway, congratulatory remarks are most welcome...and, yes, since our separation and reunion 2 years ago "Please Come Back to Me" has taken on a whole new meaning (please give a listen, if you get a chance). Ironic that I wrote it so many decades ago. Maybe just a flash into the future or something. Also, "Hungry Eyes" (with a real Stones' feel), and "Gypsy" (which was up for a Ben E. King album) are getting lots of hits. Comment if you care, too. “As High As The Moon” which was written back in 1991 is about looking on the planet as one common homeland despite our incredible diversity. I'm feeling unusually lazy today, but will get back to people are next week sometime...after I've gotten over all the excitement of celebrating such an incredible feat. Whew! 10 years...Might as well go all the way!!!!

Love, Peace, Respect & Rock 'n 'Roll,


"Gypsy" & "Please Come Back to Me"

"Gypsy" and "Please Come Back to Me" are on my reverbnation player. They can be listened to on reverbnation, but they are not downloadable, and they are not for sale on i-tunes. These are classic r'n'b/soul/crossover ballads available for an extremely talented, powerful singer who can do them justice.

Unlike the other songs on this site, "Gypsy" and "Please Come Back to Me" were done with the incredibly talented Billy Freedom. Both Billy and I would be most happy if the next Otis Redding, David Ruffin, Ben E. King, Solomon Burke, Aaron Neville, nailed these tunes. The applicant must have impecable vocals, and be on par with the aforementioned artists to do justice to these songs, and give the full emotional impact these songs deserve. These are "real" songs! No tin pan alley/cookie cutter/formula songs here. "Gypsy" was a real person, and I poured my whole heart into this one. "Gypsy" is now free, but I just hooked up with her sister again yesterday after 20 years of no contact.

Here's what some other people have had to say about "Gypsy":

Press Release:

"Dear Andrew, I just finished taking a listen to "Gypsy", and it is a very good song. I'm getting material together for my next release on Ichiban Records...Now and the we do a good feeling song like this one. I wish you luck. Yours Truly, Ben E. (King)" - Ben E. King, Unpublished letter "Dear Andrew, Your song is very good, nice and smooth. I think it would be a great song for Ben King...if you can get him a copy...I wish you all the luck and don't give up. One day things will come together and it will all be worth it. Peabo (Bryson)" - Peabo Bryson

Haven't heard many Otis Reddings in the last 30 years. Yes, I am talking with Aaron right now...he could kill it...but there are no guarantees that Aaron will go on it. So, if you want this once in a lifetime opportunity, drop me a line. But to do it, you've got to be on par with Otis, Sam Cooke, or even Aaron, and the other aforementioned artists. Haven't heard people who can sing like that anymore. Too dang bad!

Anyway, give a listen, and if you think you've got the mustard, drop a line.

Love & peace,


New Shell Shuckers Just Released on i-tunes

New Shell Shuckers just released on i-tunes. Special bonus track playing on player which was up for a Ben E. King cd. No embellishments! Just great songs! Enjoy!!