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A Mother's Love

I was talking to a friend of mines the other day, he told me that he wanted to tell me something; I said "ok" . He begin talking, "I called my mother to tell her how I was feeling; She said "I don't want hear anything if it's not something good or positive no matter what other than that I don't want to hear it". He tells her "i have an issue but I have no one to talk to". She said "that's not my fault". He started to cry; and said if he can't talk to the person that birth me, I just want to leave this world.. What's wrong with this picture?


Sometimes we think we have everything under control ; until we find out we have none... #Puppets -Trac Daddy


We come , we go, Cherish every moment you spend with, No matter the situation never turn your back on, Always say "I Love You" to your, #LoveOnes... -TRAC DADDY-

Tracd Daddy's Working On A New Tripple CD Mixtape

It was learned just earlier this week from T"he NewJac Boy Entertainment", that Trac Daddy is currently working on a new 3 discs Mixtape...Due to be released 04/10/2015 By: THE NEW JAC BOY ENTERTAINMENT...,The label states with confidence, "Although we've never released a mainstream album or single by Trac Daddy , we expect out of this world results from this project".

The Movement

You've heard the saying, "You take one step and GOD will take two". Well from the way things are looking from TRAC DADDY's view, they've been stepping out side by side with that heat...Stay tuned for upcoming events from TRAC DADDY , JAC BOY ENTERTAINMENT / OBIA MUSIC / VERSES MUSIC MANAGEMENT GROUP....

How 'Bout This

We all, -"Know how it feel's to wake up, fucked up !" Words by BIG The music that we, JAC-BOY Entertainment produce is to prevent that from being the case All i'm tryin' to do is, get this music or should i say this story , -"My Life" - to your ear, your mind, heart & soul. My aim is to bring you the truth about "My Life" and make a differnce in the next man woman or child's. Just Listen to it and you will , smell what Trac & JAC-BOY Entertainment is cookin'!!!!!!

Trac Daddy / Ceo


I love it! No matter what time of day or night i'm down to make it happen. Wether it's producing beats for myself or anyone else, give me some elbow room cause i'm goin' in!!! YA SMELL ME? Let's go Nation!!!