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....The chosen one have arrive...."RNA" dna for dis rap sh*t, born in jamaica, it was their he first felt is love for music. RNA he recalls when he was just a little youth he use to sneak off from home to go to jams because he loved the party athmosphere, even though Primrose who is RNA's mom didn't agree with it he still try to find ways to sneak off. "What can i say, it's in my blood" he calmly ellabourates with a smile, wide eyes and with a quick chuckle about how his mom use to sing to him as a child , in a wide range of music, And his quest in life helped him acquire a more open mind with his music. RNA is a very talented individule who has a in your face approach but with a relax dimeanour, he shows he's a strong performer who have the gift to keep you moving as a solo artist, whoes versatile enough to work with anyone. RNA is truly a name that will be remembered. "The Revolution Now Arrive!" It was given to him because of his strong presence and hype energy that he brings to the stage, and through his music with his chilled swagger and unique way of expression and detail this name was given to him. RNA tries to inspire people to want more of themselves, and to do better buy showing you through his music; hoping you learn from his mistakes. RNA explain through his story rap,reggae and r&b of different incidents with dream and vision. RNA says how along the way he was able to pick-up some few tricks to help him master his craft over the years after first being amaze by Micheal Jackson. RNA is here to bring back qaulity music to the people about life and to focus on the reality of what's going on around you. He aimes to be a voice for you the people and hopes to make a mark on the world like the artist that influence him like Bob Marley, and Tupac Shakur he sets to impact you with his music as they did. RNA favorite quote is "make money, no excuses" he explains; if the oppertunity presents itself "take it". RNA has a youthful energy but wise beyond his years,and best of all; he got something to say. RNA is a party starter and gets his inspirations through God and from having faith.