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The Incursion is OUT NOW!

Hails! Our latest EP "The Incursion" is out now and will be in stores soon. We want to thank everyone that came out to our reunion show, it was a a great reception after a long time of silence. We will be making our way up north the first week of March, keep watching for updates! If you want to get the EP from the band. email us at moorematt.84@gmail.com for paypal information! Hails! 666 KABAL

The Incursion

"The Incursion" is mixed and ready, Will be available for release NOV 2011. The Track listing will be: Dominium- The Incursion 1) Intro 2)Unleashed 3)Enter Damnation 4)With Blade 5)Arise, The Unholy Price will Determined in the next few weeks. But will be available through several distros and direct from the band. As well as on here. Logo Shirts will be $10 and will be available in the next month. We are gearing up and preparing for our Reunion show. It will be one to remember. Keep checking back for updates and tourdates! HAILS! Kabal