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Myth of Sisyphus

Myth of Sisyphus has gotten some attention on Reverbnation the past few weeks. Perhaps people like the unconventional structure of the song or the philosophical nature of the lyrics; or maybe they just like my voice. In reality, it’s probably mostly a measure of luck. Whatever the reason, I got my first fan in Portugal and some fans in England, Australia, and outside of California because of it. I love getting new fans, so I’m pleased people like the song.

The kernal of the Myth of Sisyphus began in a humanities class paper I tried to write years ago about existentialism and a Camus book by the same name. Frankly, I didn’t understand the book at the time, and the paper sucked. However, one idea from my paper’s concept stuck with me: “You spend your life searching for a niche to fit in. You look to the past to see where it could have been.” I knew someday I’d write a song with those opening lines. However, all my attempts were trite and shallow.

The opportunity to redeem my philosophical failure came when I accidently used a drum patch for a musical ostinata I had recorded in midi. The machine-like repetition of the drums reminded me of an assembly line with men working like robots in sync with their task.

How could anyone remain sane working in such an environment? I briefly pondered until I remembered I had clothes in the dryer waiting to be folded, dishes in the sink, and all the other mundane chores I do everyday. Even the work I enjoy — such as painting a picture or writing a song — is insignificance in the grand scheme of things if you think of all the songs ever written and pictures painted. Suddenly I understood the Myth of Sisyphus and the power to chose the meaning of life when there is no real control of ultimate destiny. We have the power to choose whether our life is a rut or a groove. It may be the only choice we have.

I hope you like the song, and if you aren’t a fan yet, you will like my facebook page (Laurie Dana Music) and fan me on Reverbnation.