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Help us Spread the Word

So JBF is trying to make the push to 10,000 likes and further so i need all 5,127 of you to invite all of your friend to listen and check out what were trying to do here. Reggae and Country generally don't get played together........ i mean kenny chesney and Alan jackson Beach Music But this is Willie Nelson, Hank 3 Meets Sublime and Bob Marley. We want to spread the word and we need your help. If you like the tunes....... Share them..... Its free and only takes a few moments to spread the word. Thank you for the love we are trying to get back into the top 50 on the Reverb Charts and as soon as the next recordings come out making a push to get on the billboards Charts with some radio push! Music isn't possible without the fans so help us to succeed. We will continue to entertain and write music that hits home every time!

Much Love JBF


The day i quit playing and singing and writing is the day you can bury me and dance on my grave!


Keep playing, keep creating. Love and art go hand in hand and music is the common factor of all man kind!