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New shit

Well this is whats going o. With me m making a 2 year edition of my demo but this is what it is: Dark odyssey meets the prophecy of abomination: 1.rebirth of a oden (dark odyssey is born) 2.rebirth of a oden (dark odyssey rises) 3.the prophet of abomination 4.date raped 5.date raped (hyper sex) Added new songs: 6.pure insanity 7.this is a fucking plague 8.revenge of a phychopath 9.march of suicide horizons

New demos:

Standing before the gods with special guest on drums korben primeaux (my brother) 1.rise of the immortal one 2.immortal one leads the war of apocalypse 3.walls that tremble 4.condemned astlaments (L.C.M. song)

Suicide, redemption, and other temptations 1.waiting for her grave 2.deceased by 18 3.distinctive whore

Well thats bout everything but new shit really soon:)