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R.E.F Aug.4th

We'd like say thanks for a great time last night at Red Eyed Fly.We had lots of fun.Although we were the only band that was not a cover band.It was really awesome to play with,The Misfits(Green hell),Motorhead(Martyrhead),and Metallica(Killa Maul)!!!Growing up these bands were definitely heroes and influences of ours growing up.So to be on this bill,and hear those tunes.That inspired us growing up was pretty cool.Check out the band names in parentheses.Relive a great decade of metal/punk music.Also a huge thank you to everyone who made it out to support us and live local music.Also to the staff at Red eyed fly,who treated us with great hospitality.We appreciate it! -3DENIED


We like to say thanks to everybody who leaves us great comments of support.They are greatly appreciated!Couple of shows coming up!Let's get out there and be heard!


We acomplished alot the end of this year.We got enough songs for great set.We got two shows this year,and one set for after the New year.We are happy to be playing Metal again.Abel is definitley present in spirit with us.Thanks for every positive comment and compliment.We look forward to playing some more shows in other Texas cities,and other states .So we can get our name out there.Thanks again everyone..Peace!! -3DENIED


We are still in rehearsal stages.Getting a tight set ready for live,is what we are focused on.Everything is comming together faster then we could of imagined.We cant wait to get back on stage.It has been awhile.A two song demo is also in the near future.We look forward to playing some shows with our fellow Texas Metal musicians.We will update as much as possible.Rich,Rob,and Mike of 3DENIED appreciate all support!!!