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Hello everyone- Its been a while. School started and I have been going NUTS!! Im taking a music comp class, a recording class, and a film scoring class. I will try to put some of my Cues from the film scoring class up here when I get a chance, and I think they are good enough =) Oh what else... my last MFA concert piece is going up this weekend at CSULB then lots of writing for my thesis. I've recently been re-inspired by the great Rock narratives of Jim Steinman and I am going to try to write something in that vein come December. I also now have Logic so the production quality is sure to go up on my work, although I must say Record through Reason is a bit easier to use, the Logic samples are just soo much better.... feel free to disagree. Soo ya thats me. I hope you are all doing well. Im sorry my music got put on hold for life, but I promise I will find time in Dec/Jan to get some new stuff up here. 3 Stay Glam! B Moe

Mid July

Hey all, So its the first week of July and I am overrun by side projects. I am preparing to score my final thesis piece, Im about to shoot 2 dance films, Im organizing all my grad school stuff into binders, Im preparing to audition people for "Kiss of the Spiderwoman" in LA that I will be choreographing, and I have to start planning the ballet class I will be teaching in the fall. And I have to find time satisfy my urge to create music for me and maybe for some of you to enjoy. Its not easy trying to do everything. Oh Im also looking to do another comedy booking at Flappers in Burbank. Anyways thats my crazy over ambitious life lol Hope all is well with you guys. 3 B Moe

Post La Pride

Hey kids, Soo La Pride came and went, leaving a fire burning in my mind. Im hoping to lay down a few good tracks this month. I cant even tell you all how much work it is to play, produce, and edit everything. But I promise new tracks are coming soon. =) B Moe