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See you on the streets!

Ok, well Flood Water is back in action after taking a break this past winter to rehearse new material and grow an abundance of facial hair. Keep on the lookout for future shows in Louisville by reading the LEO, Velocity, or by frequenting our Facebook page.

Who the hell is that?!?!?

Whats up Flood Water fans! As you may already know, we haven't booked a gig in a long time. We are all very anxious to get out and rock your socks off, but all in good time of course :) A couple of new and interesting developments have been happening in our time of silence and contimplation though. Flood Water has added a new member to the group. He goes by the name of T-Bone and he is one hell of a frontman! T-Bone adds the soul/funk/blues/rock style vocals that compliments our music extremley well. He was with us on our last performance back in the beginning of October and he blew the rest of the band away. He is well versed in involving the crowd and puting smiles on the faces of the crowd with his antics. Don't worry though, the rest of the band is still maintaining thier sound and drive. If anything, T-Bone inspires us to continue in the direction we have been heading while enabling us to expand our sound in a positive way. The other topic of interest in the world of Flood Water is our new songs. YES, you heard it right, we may have actual rehearsed songsfor our next show! Sounds crazy, we know. We are all very excited to show you what we sound like when we aren't making it up on the spot! Prepare yourself to be blown away, in fact, bring an extra pair of pants because you just may $h!t the ones you are wearing when you year our new stuff!

OK kiddos that is all we have for now.

The latest ....

Recently, we have contiplated doing a few covers, maybe 2 or 3 per set. Of course many ideas came to mind and the process of compiling a list of song to cover has been started. We would like to know what our fans think. What songs would you guys like to hear us cover? We will consider all suggestions. Don't worry though, we will still be blasting out our originals!

New Events!

We are sad to announce that we will no longer be hosting the open mic @ Harley's. It's all good though, we will most likley start another one up sometime soon. In, the meantime we will be putting our energy towards new material which will go towards our album. See ya at the next show!

Calling Eastwood
Calling Eastwood  (over 5 years ago)