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JOE MOSS BAND/Maricela"s Smile: Not to be confused with his bluesy brother Nick, Joe Moss is one serious as a heart attack blues road warrior with a literal world of traveling in the name of blues under his belt. Fearlessly tossing out a set of mostly originals, this barn burner of a cat fires up his guitar, inspires his crew and lets the good times roll. Sure handed throughout, this is the kind of stuff that lets you know the next generation of the blues is in good hands. Blues guitar fans unite! (212 Records) – Chris Spector

Music City Blues Society Review By Don And Sheryl Crow: THE JOE MOSS BAND MARICELA'S SMILE 212 RECORDS 657 575 0007 2 SUBURBAN GLORY--GREEN EYES--YOU MADE ME SO HAPPY--MARICELA'S SMILE--MY LIFE--I AM FEELING YOU--FIRE AND WATER--BIG LEG WOMAN--CAN YOU FEEL MY HEART--CAN'T ALWAYS BE RIGHT--SHE PUT A STICK IN MY SPOKES--DR STRANGELOVE--AIN'T GOT NO MONEY (LIVE) As the man responsible for turning little brother Nick Moss on to the blues, brother Joe Moss is cut from the same classic cloth as many other famous Windy City guitarists. With a unique guitar style that encompasses not only the West Side soul of Magic Sam and traditional South Side combo sounds, Joe tosses in a great deal of soul, funk, jazz, and anything else his songs may call for. Such is the case with his latest release on 212 Records, "Maricela's Smile." This set consists of ten originals and two covers, and is arguably Joe's most ambitious and varied set thus far. There are plenty of tight, danceable grooves that mesh perfectly with his forays into jazz-and-soul-inflected blues, which makes for a highly enjoyable listen. Check out Joe's mellow vocals on the title cut, further defined by a cool piano solo at the bridge. The only thing wrong with the funky, driving tale of a woman who's "got it all" except for love, "Suburban Glory," is that it's toooo short!! "Green Eyes" is another tale of passion that travels along the jazz-into-blues path, including its killer horns and B-3 complementing Joe's vocals. He does another fine job with the crunching riff that comprises Free's "Fire And Water," while the slow-blues of "I Am Feeling You, with more B-3 from Greg Sefner, washes over you like a spring shower. The set closes with an Allman"s-like jam, "Ain't Got No Money," where everyone gets a chance to stretch out. We had two favorites, too. Joe's love for Freddie King is apparent, not only in his cover of "Big Leg Woman," but in the stinging guitar leads of his original tale of the classic "back door man," "Dr. Strangelove." This one has some sweet, extended solos from Joe at its bridge, also. Many pundits decry the future of the blues, but with young guns such as Joe Moss on the scene, the blues is in very capable hands, indeed. Enjoy "Maricela's Smile" from the Joe Moss Band today!! Until next time...Sheryl and Don Crow.

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Here are some reviews from Europe and one from WXRT Chicago Disc Jockey:

Przemek Drehiem from Radio Sfera Poland and Living Blues Contributor:

I was getting ready to go out when I got the parcel so I put Joe's fist CD, "Monster Love", into my player to check it out a little. What was supposed to be quick preview turned out to be an evening with Joe's music. I didn't go out at all. His music is fantastic and the newest record is even better then his previous one. The way Joe blends Chicago blues with soul and funk is unbelievable. To be honest, when I read the press release I was afraid that those new funk filled cuts will sound square, like it happens in case of most blues bands trying to play funk. I was so wrong, Joe's band is moving and grooving, producing a classy backbeat and funky feel. I like it all. As a leader, Joe is up there with all those famous guys. His singing voice is strong, his vocal delivery can nail every song he sings, plus his guitar playing is so tasty, he doesn't try to impress anybody or show off, he just plays his heart out, it's that simple. And not only he has a lucky hand when it comes to mailing stuff overseas, but he's also talented in gathering the best musicians around. His rhythm section is always tight and his Hammond players are superb. I am a Hammond fanatic so I know what I mean. All in all, the parcel I got made me smile as since yesterday Joe Moss is the only one I listen too, over and over. With "Monster Love" being perfect for more classic Chicago sound lovers and "Maricela's Smile" a treat for people interested is blues meets soul type of sound, Joe Moss is a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations Joe as I am really impressed!

Terry Clear AKA- TEE CEE From Radio Onda Spain:

This is a Chicago based band that is kept busy playing venues such as Buddy Guy's Legends & The House Of Blues. Listening to this CD you can understand why they are kept so busy! Joe Moss has had a good grounding in the blues, touring Spain in 1992 with Buddy Scott & playing as sideman with Zora Young, Billy Branch, Magic Slim, A.C.Reed & others. His self-titled debut CD came out in 1997, and it was followed up in 2003 by "Monster Love" - this third album (named for Joe Moss' daughter) draws on the other two and grows up nicely. This CD was recorded in Chicago back in 2006, but has only just been released (March 18th) and it contain 11 original tracks out of a total of 13. The two cover versions are the old Free number "Fire & Water" (Paul Rodgers & Andy Fraser) & "Big Leg Woman" (Johnnie Temple), and they are both excellent, especially the latter, which is my favourite track from the album. The CD opens with the funky "Suburban Glory", which gives a good insight into just how good Joe Moss is on guitar, before moving on to "Green Eyes" which is the sort of track I can't listen to and keep still - Greg Sefner ..boards & Chuck Desormeaux on sax give this track a real strong flavour. The vocals put me in mind a little bit of Boz Skaggs. There's a good mix of tempos & styles in this album, from the slow and moody title track, "Maricela's Smile" to the upbeat "You Made me So Happy" & "Big Leg Woman", and from the funky "Suburban Glory" to the heavy blues-rock version of "Fire & Water", this album has just about something for everyone. I'm sure Joe Moss is going to feature in a lot of people's CD collections from now on.

Blues Breakers Host, Tom Marker WXRT FM Chicago:

What a terrific album. Congratulations on a project well done.