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Merch Available

We finally have Shirts, Vinyl and Kreator tickets for sale online. Available here: http://disfigurement.bigcartel.com/

Band Updates and Merch

We just wanted to update everyone. Our 7" Single, "Abyss of Hatred" should be available through Boris Records by early September. It features two tracks, Denial, and Abyss of Hatred and runs nearly ten minutes. It features Artwork from the incredible Mr. Juanjo Castellano (Vomitory, Cruciamentum, Blaspherian.) We also have a show on August 10th, with Kentucky's Tombstalker, and local Atlanta groups Living Decay and Mangled. This happens at The Basement, located below The Graveyard Tavern, a killer venue with great sound, bar, and atmosphere. We are working to have Merchandise, by the way of full print T-shirts with the new Disfigurement artwork, and oversize logo by the August show. Stay connected through ReverbNation, Facebook and Youtube for info and updates.