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We would like to introduce you to a good friend of ours!

Hey everyone,

Doug here. Hope all is well with you and yours! Just wanted to write a quick note to introduce you to a great friend of ours. His name is Michael Jones.

Over the past several months, many of you have met Michael at a show or festival, or perhaps even spoken with him on the phone. He’s a good guy, eh? Anyway Michael is now heading up Bloom Artist Agency which handles all of our bookings. On top of those duties, Michael is also serving as road manager for all of our touring efforts.

Having this great brother in Christ around to handle so many important aspects of The Wrecking’s operations, as well as to provide a steady stream of comic relief has done great things every aspect of the organization including my blood pressure.

Anyway I thought it only polite to formally introduce you to this new member of the team. I also wanted to let you all know that Michael is currently booking The Wrecking’s services for SNOW CAMPS and WINTER RETREATS in 2012. We had a great time last winter taking part in Snow Camps throughout the northeast, we thought… why not do it again?!

All that said, if you would like to book The Wrecking for any event please feel free to contact Michael anytime.

mjones@bloomartistagency.com 207-749-3951

Much love and peace in Christ,


Symphony of the Broken Heartyed Lyrics

Symphony of the Broken Hearted If you really want to know the truth We’re all so afraid No mater what we say We all need hope, we all need grace We all need love’s embrace It’s such a beautiful sound, a beautiful sound This melody changing us It’s such a beautiful sound, we cry from the ground The symphony of the broken hearted IF you really want to know my heart We’re all just the same No mater what we (think?) We all need hope, we all need grace We all need love’s embrace Chorus Each note and line Will always rise and fall And bind your heart with mine Chorus

Sept 5th Studio Update

Hey all, We are in the studio right now putting 4 new songs through their paces. We can’t let you hear anything just yet, but we will tell you that it is our intension to out-do anything we have ever done with these tracks. Working song titles right now are: “The Antidote”, “On Fire”, “Life in Reverse”, and “About to Fall”. Here is a pic of Karl and Dustin working some production magic… Actually it looks like Dustin is updating his Facebook status in this particular shot… but no matter! This stuff is sounding killer! Bass and keys tonight, guitars start tomorrow.

So listen… It’s no secret that Doug is a full fledged facebook addict!! Sooo why not use that to your advantage right about now? If you have any QUESTIONS for the band related to the current studio work, why not click over to www.facebook.com/thewrecking and ask away. A band member (usually Doug) always responds personally to every wall post.

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Keep in touch everybody! Much love and peace from The Wrecking!!

PS. And by the way.. if you would like to help The Wrecking by becoming part of the street team, drop an email to streetteam@thewrecking.net

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Blog 8/20/09

The Wrecking NEW ALERT!


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hitting the airwaves, cable wires, and the outer reaches of cyberspace as we speak.



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While you are there, cast a vote for our good friend and label-mate Bobby Bishop! His new album EVERYDAYMAN is out now, and his current single PLEASE features a guest vocal performance by The Wrecking’s own Douglas Elder! TEAMWORK SWEET TEAMWORK!!

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Have a great day!

Thanks for being part of The Wrecking’s extended family!

Blog 8/18/2009

Well that’s it, we just can’t take it anymore!!

We NEED to share some of the new material we’ve been working on. As a sneak peek into what our 2010 full-length album is shaping up like, today (Aug 18, 2009) Chosen Records releases The Wrecking’s new digital EP entitled “The Catalyst”. It contains 6 brand new songs recently recorded at The Halo with Nashville based producer Dusitin Burnett. Included in this EP is “The Sound of the Resistance” which coincides with The Wrecking’s new music video due out this month as well.

Speaking of the new video, there are now 5 webisodes atwww.myspace.com/thewrecking showing the filming process and featuring some great footage of the band, the killer production team from the Center for Creative Media, as well as our dear friend and manager Traa from POD. Check it out for yourself.

Please take a minute and stop by the iTunes store, and pick up The Catalyst EP by The Wrecking.

And If you prefer Amazon.com …


Take a listen and write a review to let the world know what you think. Send a message or bulletin to your friendlist to help spread the word about The Catalyst EP!! Let us know what’s your favorite song is, and why. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!.

Many blessings to you all!

-the wrecking