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Lots happening Reverb Nation Fans. First the new gig at Chowder Heads is a Blast, Small cozy and throw'n dance jams like its a major club ! Next, I have teamed up with my good friend Electromatica and we have our first track available, "Thunder Twisting" Hope you guys dig it. Let us know. Its a bit deeper and aggressive Dubstep. So Check it! and Next, Most important, We have been selected in the finals of the Hard Rock Rising 2012 . We are now at # 9 and that would put us in the Semi Finals. We need more votes! The voting ends Feb 5Th so Please ! Help us out ! Once again, hope all is good for everyone and please see me for a drink at Chowder Heads or America's Backyard on Friday nights! Dig It - dj Crash

The Band!

Started getting the Key Players set up for the band. Met with my Music Director last night. We got some tracks and plans set for live performances. So looking forward to heading into the studio next week with the crew! and What a Mix we are !

New Tracks

Well I have finally mastered te first 4 tracks on my CD. All original material. and I am happy so far how it grooves. I hope you like it !

dj Crash Nasty


Wow I totally dig the new music on the dance music scene today. Last I was dj-ing in 2004 it was the house - techno hitting its peak, with hits like Better off Alone by dj Alice and IIo Rapture just to name a few.

But I totally love the new international sound in the house mix in todays jams !

And yes I am still the Rocker first and fore most ! dj Crash