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What is Time

What is time? if you need to, look up the definition. I bet you will get all kinds of definitions and analysis of its meaning. Here is one definition that made me chuckle. "Time is a continuum that lacks spatial dimensions." (Wiki, 2011) This is an answer that is factual, however, the average educated person without a deep concentration of science/physics might as well of heard that definition in a language they don't know.

Here is a basic definition that I like. "Time is a system of organization that we use to schedule our lives. Time is made up of seconds, minutes, months, years, etc." (Askjeeves.com)

My point in mentioning time today is this; I caught myself saying what many others say. For example, "I don't have enough time." "If there were only an extra day in the week.", Here is a favorite, "I just can't catch up with time."

Ladies, (speaking for myself too) we have to have organization, follow a schedule as much as possible. Additionally, realize you only can do what you can do in that set time. As long as you are alive, you have time. One more thing, make sure you get rest (God did it!).

In closure, time waits for no one. However, we only can work with time. If we spend time trying to find it or catch up up with it, well, that's where you will find yourself looking in the mirror asking what happened or where did the time go.

Take time to see some of what God shares about time in relation to "Us" (mortals)...

Colossians 4:5-6

Ecclesiastes 3:8

James 4:13-15

Ephesians 5:15

With Love

In sharing my gratefulness...

How, I love this word as it grows and grows on me, "Mommy" and the phrase that makes me tingle from a little voice..." I wuv you mommy". You opened my barren womb to revive my heart. To be entrusted with the delicacy of making impressions on a soul created and destined by YOU gets overwhelming, yet, I cry in a Joy unexplainable. Even out of a wedlock, such a blessing not deserved, but I'm grateful! Making me a child born into a world of abuse, with some types of stains of mortal love, I thought I was cursed. However, I still stand. Only by the grace of YOU, I am. I understand why, so I can see and relate, and be the cause of what YOU called me. YOU say the more the gifts, the more expected. I used to run away and turn my back on YOU a many times. I did not want the tasks. YOU stayed and waited while I rumbled in the pig pen and rumbled again and again. How that hurt YOU, I can't fathom. Yet YOU loved me and sent YOUR angels to protect me still! Gazing upon YOUR ocean, I finally, completely woke up!!!! I UNDERSTAND!!!!! Like the taste of salt, you gifted me to see and feel the pain in the select. I now respond and be for them what YOU call me to be for them, in hopes they respond and be what YOU call them to be. How overwhelming this can be fighting the monsters of the air, so my passage can remain clear to you. However, I know this physical war is temporary. I am grateful and pray to remain grateful to YOU in all; until YOU bring me home.

Walking In The Light

Walking in the light. What does that mean actually? If you need an in depth meaning of this, try this experiment. Put yourself in a dark room full of people and all of your try to walk around. Now if you walk in the light, you can see your destination in Christ. Additionally, along the way we can help others come out of that dark room walk in the light too. 1 John 1 5-8



Most people know that we have been given the gift of choice. Therefore, how we choose to use that gift is our own choosing. The choice can be good or bad. Some of us learn from bad choices, and make better ones, and some of us don't. Here's my point, we have two exits in life. There is a front door exit and a back door exit. While we are alive in our flesh we remain in between either progressing towards the front door or progressing towards the back door. The front door is towards life, love, truth, and eternity. The back door, well, it speaks for itself. Some of us live in this space either in denial or deceived. Going in both directions does not exist. We have to make a choice. What I mean is, ( ...and I have been here before) thinking I am progressing towards the front door when I was really going towards the back door. In my case it was denial. Some have wised up and locked up that back door and covered it with several layers of cement. Therefore, nothing in that back door entices them anymore. I have to admit, I'm almost there. I catch myself looking through the crevices as if something is good there. Yeah right! I'm still putting on a few more deadbolts. I have not applied the cement yet.Take a peek at what's through my back door.... Insecurities, distrust, hatred, envy, love for immorality, scared to love, sadness, fear, confusion, anger, greed...and the list goes on. I woke up and cut that rope pulling me out that back door towards eternal death. I'm free holding on to the rope pulling me towards that front door to life and eternal life.

WAKE UP!!!! Close that back door, stop peeking through it, it's not fun, there's no happiness or life there, why even peek out the door. Run, skip, hop, fly...cut off whatever is hindering you from going towards that front door!Again, you still have your own choice.