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Oct 30th TATU with the Misfits!

That's right! On Oct 30th (Mischief Eve) Take Away The Ugly will be opening again for the Misfits! Tickets are $16 in advance and can be purchased at: http://shop.takeawaytheugly.com

"Operation Fun" Album Previews...

Hello to our awesome ReverbNation fans. We've added two more songs "Don't Panic" and "No Greater Passion", just for you guys! Be the first to hear it and please share with your friends. Thanks for all the love & support. Cheers, TATU

New Song "The Barriers"

Thanks to the magnificent work of Kevin Geigel at Premier Studios, we've got yet another new track off of our 2nd Album. 9 more to go! Until then, get a listen to "The Barriers" and pay attention to the layers of backup vocals. Believe it or not the band actually does those backup vocals live! I'm out of breath just thinking about it. :)

Album #2 - Completed Tracking

Take Away The Ugly have completed tracking their second studio album at Premier Studios, Time Square NYC. Kevin Geigel has done an amazing job recording & producing the band. Now, on to the mixing... :)

Take Away The Ugly - Punk Rock Prom!

The guys will be playing at the Punk Rock Prom, May 27th in Ashland PA along with a few friends. Join us!