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(2012) Brutalism.com -------------------------- "Sacrificial Slaughter is a band that should be more well known and I trust that they will be in time. They dish out some awesome death/thrash that's very worthy of mention. I think that musically, the band has enormous potential and hope that they can get on a bigger record label soon. They sure have the talent to rise above to higher levels." (2012) Beowolf Productions ---------------- "These guys have a cool old school meets new school style. The music is tight, clean, technical Death Metal with fast paced Thrash guitar shredding. They tend to lean more towards Death Metal at times. The vocals are done in a thick Death Metal growl style that reminds me of EXODUS if they were a Death Metal band. These guys are amazingly good and deserve much attention." (2012) Canadian Assault Zine -------------- "SS play brutal death metal but with a real thrash underpinning. A reference band that immediately jumped to mind is the great old deathrash band Demolition Hammer." (2011) Scumfeast Metal Blog -------------- "SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER play the real shit like a SLAYER / AUTOPSY hybrid virus created in a secret lab but unleashed by accident." (2011) Metal Team UK webzine ----------- "the drumming is battering, the vocals fill anyone’s unearthly desire and when the band take a tempo change to heart it leads them feet first into early Floridian death metal and that’s a pretty special place to be." (2011) Ringmaster Metal Review ---------- "Sacrificial Slaughter dish up a quintet of death-thrash masterpieces that leaves the senses staggering under their intense brutal riffs and heart gripping grooves." (2011) Clawhammer PR ----------------------- "With an established reputation for professionalism, a strong international tour history and an even stronger recorded output, Sacrificial Slaughter is poised to invade new territories. And with the help of the right record label world domination will be within reach." (2011) Atmostfear Entertainment ---------- "Putting tons of fun into every song, but not once losing the essence of brutality that every heavy band needs, these new songs are a blast. Taking elements of thrash and death, and writing lyrics that are about real, everyday life events, this comes off as purely genuine. Hell, with songs about women, weed and whiskey, how can you not feel a kinship with such a straightforward band?" (2011) Dave's Underground Laboratory -- "a band with a definite old school vibe toeing the line between American Death and Thrash Metal. A thick guitar sound really goes a long towards making my ears perk up with interest with regards to Sacrificial Slaughter. (2010) The Metal Register -------------------- "Aaron Whitesides, Viking James, and Steve Calton show no mercy on the Slaughter strings. Their triple-vocal attack, led by Steve Worley is layered into a perfect tonal range for death vocals with a sharper Araya-thrash rasp. Big Daddy Roth’s kit punishment is the foundation of this promising grind prospect. His performance fits perfectly into the glory days of the Bay Area gore metal movement. The total package feels like a thrashier Exhumed and that’s good California company!" (2009) Dual-Spirit Records ------------------- "Can it get any better than old-fashion brutal? Thrashing guitars, squealing mini-solos, blast beats and gut curdling vocals… not many things in this hellish existence make me feel better about my day, but these things do. Sacrificial Slaughter’s “Spontaneous Suicide” contains all the crucial elements required for a great metal album."