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Unexpected Problems

Unfortunately things have not gone as planned. With Talley and Stevie's leaving of the band, we've had to make new plans on where we're headed. Travis will be taking over all vocals, cleans as well as screams, but we still need a drummer now. If anyone would like to audition for us, please contact us. Also, we are re-recording our EP. It's a shame that we were almost finished recording, and then we had a significant member change-up. We are working to make this EP way better than we originally planned, self-recording this time to get our fully desired result. Merch will be coming soon. Shows will be put on hold for a while after March, so if you want to see us, March 10th at Empire (Springfield, VA) would be the best time to do so. It will be our last show with Stevie, as he agreed to drum for us one last time. We will be giving our all, pouring every effort into this exciting yet emotional show. Please, be there for this.

Stay Updated

There is much to be excited for at the end of January/beginning of February. We're talking merch, songs, etc. So make sure you're keeping up with us! ;)