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2014 Already?

Just want to thank all my fans for your support. When I started this page I never thought I would get good enough to even post a song but as time goes by I can't remember when I have had more fun. Thanks again everyone


Well I have been learning to finger pick for a few months now so I thought I should post a finger picked song. It's not the best but I am continuing to get better each day.


So it's been a year since i posted out here. I have spent the last couple of months learning to finger pick my Taylor. I just love the sounds you get when you get it right. Hope to post a couple of new old songs using my fingerpicking technique soon. Everyone enjoy the Music while you can.

So much music, So little time.

Well this is my first attempt at a blog. Hell I didn't even know what one was untill a few months ago. What a wonderfull world we live in these days. When I was young we hauled a piano around to diffirent places just so we could use it in our music. Now you can have any instrument you want available at your fingertips. How great is that.