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Hey folks,

It’s time… well, ALMOST time… for the release of our brand new 5 song EP on May 20th!!!!

We are so excited about this project. It features the new hip: Missy Raines– vocals, bass, Megan McCormick– vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Michael Witcher– vocals, resonator guitar, lap steel, Ethan Ballinger– mandolin and mandola, and Lee Holland– drums as well as some fabulous guests including John R. Burr, Matt Flinner, David Heyer and Kenny Malone.

And as if that hasn't been enough to keep us busy, we are also giving our website a complete makeover. Now, it ain't done yet so don't go snoopin' around there making dust just yet, but be ready, cause it's ALMOST ready. :)

It's so close we can hardly stand it.

We'll be sure to let you know!

So stay tuned....


new songs, new snow

Today is March 7th and it's finally snowing here in Tennessee and we've finally got our EP done!! Look for it's release very, very soon. We'll keep you posted! Keep checking back as we put up new songs on ReverbNation. And if you live in Nashville, don't bother going for bread and milk at Kroger tonight, it's all gone now anyway... just build a fire, make some cocoa and curl up beside your favorite one, it doesn't get any better than that!! cheers, Missy